Famous trumpeter’s smooth, jazzy tunes are ‘All Love’

By by Colleen Counihan

‘ ‘ ‘ Nothing says love like the softly streaming sounds of traditional jazz set against the… ‘ ‘ ‘ Nothing says love like the softly streaming sounds of traditional jazz set against the background rhythm of a string ensemble.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ It is for this reason that the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust invites people to ‘Sean Jones w/ Strings: All Love ‘- A Special Valentine Engagement,’ for a Valentine’s Day celebration of love. ‘ ‘ ‘ Sean Jones will play the trumpet, accompanied by his band Mission Statement and an addition of strings musicians.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ With a resume that includes playing lead trumpet with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, traveling the world with his band and teaching jazz studies at Duquesne University, Jones, at age 30, made a name for himself in the jazz world. ‘ ‘ ‘ Janis Burley Wilson, vice president at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and head of the Education and Community Outreach Department, said that Jones deserves the attention he gets for his mastery. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘He’s not a regular trumpet player, we’ll know about Sean like we know about Miles Davis ‘mdash; he’s one of the best trumpeters in the world,’ she said. ‘And he lives right here in Pittsburgh.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Wilson said that Jones has been compared to some of the most highly regarded American trumpeters of the past, like Clifford Brown and Freddie Hubbard. ‘ ‘ ‘ Jones’ connection to the Trust is not a surprise because of the organization’s strong ties with the city’s jazz music scene. The Trust’s ‘JazzLive’ program hosts jazz musicians from around the region every Tuesday at local Downtown venues. ‘ ‘ ‘ As head of jazz programming, Wilson strives to bring well-known groups like ‘Ray Vega Jazz Quintet,’ a Latin jazz group and Jones’ Mission Statement to jazz-hungry Pittsburgh audiences. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘The goals of my program are to promote the local jazz community, provide exposure for the artist and expose the audience to new things,’ said Wilson. In coordination with the romantic tradition of Valentine’s Day, the Trust chose Jones to toot his trumpet with one theme in mind: love. Jones is expected to perform what he knows best ‘mdash; jazz standards and some of his original compositions ‘mdash; but Wilson wanted to make this event a little different from the normal Jones experience.’ ‘I commissioned Sean to play not only with his band, but also the string ensemble,’ she said. ‘It’s something he’s not really used to, I wanted to give him a little bit of a challenge.’