Letter to the Editor 1, 11/19/08

By Pitt News Staff

Dear Editor: Yesterday, there was a 12-page advertisement insert in The Pitt News regarding… Dear Editor: Yesterday, there was a 12-page advertisement insert in The Pitt News regarding sexual health issues and abortion sponsored by the Human Life Alliance. We feel that it is not in the best interest of Pitt students to wage a battle with the ideas and values presented in the Human Life Alliance insert on these sensitive, personal and controversial issues. Instead, we would like to take this opportunity to appeal to Pitt students to develop and use a valuable skill ‘mdash; the ability to critically analyze information presented to them in order to make the best decisions for their own personal lives. Ask questions about the information that is presented to you. Question statements that are presented as facts, and determine if they are true. Find a way to go to the source of information and determine who and where this information is coming from. Is there a political agenda behind the information? Is the information biased in order to prove a point better? Is opinion misrepresented as fact? If there are clear ‘sides’ to the information or issue that you are questioning, get facts from both sides so that you can determine which information you choose to believe. As health professionals and educators, we take pride in serving within an academic community that promotes the presentation of accurate information in an unbiased manner to the students we care for. We encourage you to attend our programs or schedule an appointment to ask any and all questions. Elizabeth Wettick, Medical Director, Student Health Service Jaime Sidani, Health Educator, Student Health Service