Kiva Han 420 S. Craig St. 412-687-6355 3533 Forbes Ave. 412-697-3391 $ Panther… Kiva Han 420 S. Craig St. 412-687-6355 3533 Forbes Ave. 412-697-3391 $ Panther Funds? Yes

The left-of-center, off-beat, artsy vibe of this native Pittsburgh coffee shop is best represented in its bathrooms at the N. Craig Street venue. The walls are graffiti-covered – on purpose – and the painted abstract murals are littered with handwritten quotations.

Kiva Han offers an expansive menu of kitchen-made items, espresso any way you want it and an atmosphere hard to find elsewhere.

Open for morning people and night owls, this classic coffee spot is rarely found empty. Students and artists of all types can be found typing away on their Macs or holding a poetry reading as quirky music streams from the speakers.

Caribou Coffee 3621 Forbes Ave. 412-687-2617 $ Panther Funds? Yes

The best $3 ticket out of Pittsburgh and into the woods is at Caribou Coffee. Decorated with the feel of your rich uncle’s rustic-yet-sophisticated hunting cabin, Caribou uses its arborous atmosphere to shelter Oakland’s inhabitants during the coldest months of winter – which is good considering winter lasts about 9 months here.

The shop offers coffee for the non-coffee drinker, displaying a large and easy to understand variety of blends from light to dark roast. But don’t let that fool you: It knows how to do espresso, too.

Starbucks 3618 Forbes Ave. 412-682-3868 Panther Funds: Yes 417 S. Craig St. 412-687-2494 $ Panther Funds: No

Another great American franchise, Starbucks is ubiquitous and iconic, and there’s good reason for it. The chain is expert at making any kind of drink possible, from regular tea and coffee to creamy, dreamy Frappuccinos.

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, this place has it. If you’re looking for dessert in a cup, it’s got it. If you’re looking for answers to life’s quandaries, it may even have those, too – horoscopes are displayed everyday.

Enter the store to find yourself feeling worldly, soaking in its international coffees, music and flavors. Just make sure you know how to order correctly – don’t call it “expresso.”

Crazy Mocha Coffee Company 207 Oakland Ave. 412-621-7440 Panther Funds? No Carnegie Library 412-802-7766 $ Panther Funds? No

Who knows why the founder of Crazy Mocha picked a goat to represent his coffee shop, but it doesn’t matter – that crazy goat has become synonymous with great coffee.

From any-flavor Italian sodas to fair trade organic coffee, one can find whatever he needs to suit his java jonesing. Order an espresso dubbio to savor while spending all the time you want perusing Facebook, because Wi-Fi is complimentary.

Its ready-made panini is a tasty alternative to fast food for lunches on the go. Or, for added intellectual flair, check out Crazy Mocha’s space in Carnegie Library before you check out your books.

Eat Unique 305 S. Craig St. 412-683-9993 $ Panther Funds? No

This coffee-bar-sandwich-shop is perhaps S. Craig Street’s best-kept secret. Offering all kinds of sandwiches and wraps made with fresh ingredients in unique combinations, there’s a reason the shop is called “Eat Unique.”

At how many other eateries can one find black forest ham, smoked gouda and apple butter on a pretzel roll? Delish.

At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much seating available, but there is an atrium with seating for customers to the left of the shop.

And should you want its appetizing menu present at your own function, catering is available as well.

GNC Smoothie 3721 Forbes Ave. 412-682-5008 $ Panther Funds? No

It’s not hard to find a coffee house in Oakland, but a genuine, convenient smoothie bar offering delicious, nutritive treats? A little harder, especially if you don’t count the one in the Union.

Well, no worries, because General Nutrition Center offers its own remedy to this dilemma with its Smoothie Bar. The shop offers classic fruit smoothies or coffee, plus chocolate and peanut butter options for those caffeine junkies who want something with a little more sustenance.

Low-carb options are available, and there’s an array of supplemental add-ins for those who prefer to create their own concoctions.

LHAS Cafe 3459 Fifth Ave. UPMC Montefiore, 7th Floor $ Panther Funds? No

With the price of lattes these days, if you’re going to drop the cash on caffeine, you might as well give it to a good cause. According to its website,, 70 cents of every dollar that the Ladies Hospital Aid Society receives for products it sells goes to its community charities and services.

Its location may not be as convenient as most of the other shops in Oakland for the regular student, but if you’re a med student, pre-med student, intern, resident or even just a visitor to Montefiore, stop by the shop, sip some joe and feel good that you are helping out a worthy cause at the same time.