Pitt’s team physician and orthopedic surgeon wins Chinese Hospital award


While gazing over a menu at Craig Street’s LuLu’s Noodles, patrons will see a dish called… While gazing over a menu at Craig Street’s LuLu’s Noodles, patrons will see a dish called Dr. Fu’s Noodles.

The dish, created about four years ago, contains thin, stir-fried egg noodles, bean sprouts and green onions, and is usually accompanied with chicken or beef. It is a simple dish.

The dish was created for Dr. Freddie Fu, who is Pitt’s athletic team physician and orthopedic surgeon, after he had specially ordered it numerous times at LuLu’s. Although Fu said he did not invent the dish, he is quite familiar with it. The dish is a Cantonese meal that he has enjoyed since he was a child.

“When people ate his favorite dish, they later came in and ordered it, so we added it to the menu,” said David Yam, manager of both the Yumwok and LuLu’s. “[Fu] can really give you a great recommendation for a great meal.”

But Fu has received recognition for more than just his meal choices.

Recently, Fu was awarded the 29th Chinese Hospital Annual Award from the Chinese Hospital in San Francisco. Each year the Chinese Hospital board of trustees and medical staff honor the achievements of a medical professional who is most respected by his or her colleagues.

“I am proud to receive this honor from my professional peers in the Chinese community,” Fu said. “I believe the event provided an opportunity for the Chinese Hospital to encourage Chinese healthcare professionals to advance their medical knowledge and strive to learn more about caring for others in our community.”

Fu has been Pitt’s head sports team physician for the last 15 years, working with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s sports medicine department in addition to being the David Silver professor and chairman of the department of orthopedic surgery at Pitt.

Since Fu’s arrival to the United States 32 years ago, he has traveled extensively throughout the country, but is partial to Pittsburgh.

“Pittsburgh is a great city,” Fu said. “I think it’s a very nice and encouraging environment for education.”

Fu said he is happy to have studied at Pitt and is looking forward to future research.

“I think that once students graduate from Pitt they should definitely come back to Pittsburgh and support their city,” Fu said.

He is the first Chinese Hospital award recipient in the field of orthopedics as well as the first person from Pittsburgh to win the award.

“I think that people [within The Chinese Hospital in San Francisco] nominate people they feel have done recognizable work within the medical field,” Fu said. “You have to put yourself in the eyes to be recognized.”

The Chinese Hospital presented Fu with his award Oct. 18, in San Francisco. As part of the event, Fu gave a PowerPoint presentation for the board of trustees and medical staff on the roof the Chinese Hospital.

“I am glad I’m Chinese to help in the globalization in this country and the exchange of ideas between cultures,” Fu said.