Dear Kelly: Bad Roommate Selector

By The A&E Staff

Dear Kelly,

It’s only been a month, and I’m already starting to become annoyed with my roommates. What should I do?


Bad Roommate Selector

Dear Bad Roommate Selector, 

Living with people is hard — especially when they eat the last slice of the pizza you went through all that trouble to microwave or drink all but the last half-glass of milk so that there’s not even enough for a bowl of cereal left. These are petty examples, but, often, these are the things that get blown out of proportion and lead to fights. 

Remember, if you’re not a freshman, you most likely chose to live with these people — and there’s a reason for that. Just think of what living without them would be like. Not with other people, just living without whomever just used up the last of the hot water. You may regret not being that one upperclassman in Tower C or getting a place to yourself, but now think about having a bad day or being super hyper and not having anyone to have a stimulating conversation with. 

Hiding in your room can only work for so long, and, if you stay in the house, your thoughts will remain there, too. It’ll be harder to convince yourself that living with these people was a good idea.  

The trick with roommates is to stay busy. If you’re home all the time with roommates who are there just as often as you are, it’s easier for little things to irk you. Instead of going right home after class, do your reading outside (while you still can). Join clubs, go swing dancing or take an urban autumn stroll. Whatever you do, get out of the house. Your roommates probably aren’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them.