Best of Edition: Best of Pitt

By The Pitt News Staff

Best Fraternity: Delta Chi

Pitt’s chapter opened in 2003, and ever since has become an integral part of the school’s Greek community. Since Delta Chi is located on North Dithridge Street, you don’t even have to trek up the hill to Frat Row to visit the brothers. Follow them on Twitter @PittDeltaChi to keep up to date with the fraternity’s happenings.

Editors’ Pick: Delta Tau Delta


Best Sorority: Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Delta Pi has been one of the busiest and most involved sororities on all of campus. It has raised money for charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and has facilitated some great events, most recently a casino-themed night in the O’Hara Student Center. Check out the sorority’s Facebook page to keep up with the latest happenings.

Editors’ Pick: Sigma Delta Tau

Best Free Things on Campus: T-Shirts

By the end of freshman year, most Pitt students will have accumulated a whole wardrobe that has been given out for free by various student groups or businesses. Whether it’s picking up a shirt from WPTS radio at the Activities Fair or getting handed a blue T-shirt just for downloading the Pitt News app, free tops are available nearly every day on campus.

Editors’ Pick: Phipps Conservatory

Best Reason to Skip Class: Sleep

No one at the Pitt News condones skipping classes. But if there is something as important as education, it’s wellness. And perhaps the most vital key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting a sufficient amount of sleep. So don’t feel too bad next time you decide to forgo your 8 a.m. lecture after a couple consecutive all-nighters — just don’t miss an exam.

Editors’ Pick: Nice Day


Best Bus Route: 10A

Everyone loves the 10A. Maybe you want to go work out at the Pete without tiring yourself out by walking up the hill. Maybe you live in Sutherland and are exhausted after six hours of classes. Maybe you don’t want to get your nice dress clothes all sweaty walking to Frat Row on the weekend. The Pitt 10A shuttle is there to alleviate all of these stressors. Just take out your Panther Card, show the bus driver and hop on.

Editors’ Pick: 61D

Best Student Group: Pitt Pathfinders

Pitt Pathfinders are some of the few college students who are able to wake up at 8 a.m. on Saturday, put smiles on their faces and answer hundreds of questions from curious parents and prospective students. Their tours have a huge impact on this University, as many high school seniors have come to Oakland unsure about their college choice and left feeling like a Panther because of a tremendous tour guide.

Editors’ Pick: Feel Good 

Best Class: History of Jazz 

This three-credit popular general education requirement is always a crowd pleaser. Students learn about the most talented artists in one of music’s most influential genres.

Editors’ Pick: The Pitt News class


Favorite Classroom: Austrian Room

This room was dedicated in 1996, and is known for its elaborate chandeliers and 18th-century design.

Editors’ Pick: Cathedral of Learning room 324 

Best Way to Confuse Freshmen: Tell them to meet you at the intersection of Forbes and Fifth

This phrase has been a punch line at Pitt for years, and refers to the two avenues that run through Oakland. The two streets run parallel to each other, making finding their intersection an impossible task.

Editors’ Pick: Thaw Hall 

Favorite Pitt NCAA Team: Pitt Men’s Basketball

Led by former Naismith Coach of the Year Jamie Dixon, this team is one of the more successful Pitt teams on campus. Boosted by the Oakland Zoo and the beautiful on-campus Petersen Events Center, the Panthers basketball team has sold out 12 consecutive seasons and 205 consecutive regular-season home games.

Editors’ Pick: Pitt Men’s Basketball

Favorite Club Sport: Rugby 

The 2013 Keystone Rugby Conference Champions have taken this year’s award for favorite club sport. Founded in 1981, Pitt rugby has won eight league titles in 12 years, making the squad one of the most successful club teams on campus.

Editors’ Pick: Ultimate Frisbee

Best University Department: The College of Business Administration

An acclaimed department that offers students an opportunity to learn and excel in careers in the corporate world, the CBA focuses not only on teaching students about business, but also prides itself on helping them to build corporate connections and find internships.

Editor’s Pick: Department of Philosophy