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Georgetown law professor talks Constitution at annual lecture

Victoria Nourse, Ralph Whitworth Professor in Law at Georgetown spoke Tuesday about separation of powers and the current state of politics.

By Madison Brewer, For The Pitt News

September 18, 2019

Each year since the passage of a 2004 federal amendment, Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17, commemorating the day 230 years ago when delegates from the original 13 states ratified the Constitution, giving life and law to our republic.

Pitt law school announces new dean

Pitt law school named Amy Wildermuth as the incoming dean. (Photo courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh)

By Mackenzie Rodrigues | News Editor

March 20, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Law named Amy Wildermuth, the associate vice president for faculty and academic affairs at the University of Utah, as the school’s new dean. According to a Tuesday press release, Provost Patricia Beeson said Wildermuth will begin her deanship July 1. She...

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Amy Wildermuth