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Community leaders discuss race, justice at panel

Demonstrators march down Forbes Avenue in wake of former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld’s acquittal in connection to the death of Antwon Rose in March.

By Lauren Bruckstein, For The Pitt News

June 19, 2019

Pittsburgh has been the center of a considerable amount of discussion about race and justice since an East Pittsburgh police officer shot and killed black teen Antwon Rose on this day last year.

BAS “Justice for Antwon” die-in

March 28, 2019

To remember the death of Antwon Rose II, Pitt’s Black Action Society organized a die-in protest on the front steps of the William Pitt Union on Wednesday. About 120 people, mostly Pitt students, joined in sitting or standing near by. The group remained there, silent, for 40 minutes — 10 minutes for every day of the trial of former University and East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld, who shot Rose in June 2018. This event marks the sixth day of “Justice for Antwon” protests since the jury acquitted Rosfeld of all charges.

120 join “Justice for Antwon” die-in on WPU steps

Around 120 students gathered outside the William Pitt Union on Wednesday afternoon for a silent and peaceful die-in demonstration, which lasted around 40 minutes.

By Emily Wolfe, Assistant News Editor

March 28, 2019

Unlike other protests that have taken place throughout the City over the past week, this one — a die-in in honor of Antwon Rose, organized by Pitt’s Black Action Society — was completely silent.

Black Action Society plans Wednesday die-in for Antwon Rose

Pitt’s Black Action Society plans to hold a peaceful die-in demonstration Wednesday afternoon at 12:50 in front of the William Pitt Union steps.

By Emily Wolfe and Brian Gentry

March 27, 2019

“[The goal is] just to show solidarity between all students on campus and faculty and staff, but specifically black students and just to show support for Antwon Rose’s family,” Edenis Augustin, the Black Action Society president, said.

Third day of protests brings students Downtown

Demonstrators march through downtown Pittsburgh during Monday’s student walkout.

By Emily Wolfe, Assistant News Editor

March 26, 2019

A group of more than 1,000 turned out Monday for a student-led walkout Downtown in protest of the acquittal of former East Pittsburgh officer Michael Rosfeld in the shooting of unarmed black teenager Antwon Rose.

Vigil honors victims of New Zealand shooting

“Rehumanize: A Vigil for Muslims in New Zealand” began with a ceremony of 50 volunteers going on stage, each holding a white rose to represent one of the victims from the Christchurch shooting.

By Maggie Young, Senior Staff Writer

March 25, 2019

Hundreds of Pittsburghers gathered Sunday for “Rehumanize: A Vigil for Muslims in New Zealand” to honor the victims of the Christchurch shootings, which occurred on March 16.

Downtown protests against Rosfeld verdict focus on change, solidarity

Protesters marched from Freedom Corner in the Hill District to Market Square, where they continued their demonstration.

By Neena Hagen, Senior Staff Writer

March 25, 2019

A jury acquitted Rosfeld Friday after only four hours of deliberation, which drew peaceful protesters to the Hill District neighborhood less than 24 hours later.

Editorial: Rosfeld decision isn’t surprising, still disappointing

Following Michael Rosfeld’s acquittal on Friday night, protests continued in Oakland Saturday afternoon.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

March 24, 2019

The time it took for the jury to reach a decision compared to the gravity of the crime shows how little we value the lives of young black men in America.

Justice for Antwon Protest in Oakland

March 24, 2019

Following the announcement on March 22 of a not guilty verdict in the trial of former Pitt police officer Micheal Rosfeld, protestors took to the streets of the Oakland campus showing their disagreement with the jury’s decision. The march began in Schenley Plaza at about 5pm and shut down numerous intersections as it paraded along Bigelow Boulevard and Atwood Street, as well as Fifth and Forbes Avenues. Beginning with a group of almost 50 people, the protest grew in number as it went.

Oakland protests white officer’s acquittal

Pitt Police officers blocked the Fifth Avenue entrance to Litchfield Towers as protesters filled the street.

By Emily Wolfe, Assistant News Editor

March 23, 2019

Organizers of Saturday’s protests had three demands: The dismissal of the district attorney, the dismissal of a much-criticized police union president and the creation of a police review board.

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