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Women hone craft at Art House in Homewood

The Tuesday Night Monologue Project, in which female-only guests are invited to participate in writing workshops and share responses to prompts, is held in Vanessa German’s Art House in Homewood. (Photo by John Hamilton | Managing Editor)

By Shahum Ajmal | Staff Writer

April 5, 2018

As Vanessa German and a group of artists were about to settle in for a night of writing and discussion in her house, a car crash outside derailed the March evening. The group witnessed an altercation between the victim of the crash and police officers who responded to the scene, and feeling that...

Making memories: Pitt students paint portraits for underprivileged children

Jill McDonnell painted Laura Andrea, a girl from Bolivia whose favorite color is pink. Courtesy of Jill McDonnell

By Anandhini Narayanan / For The Pitt News

April 11, 2017

Jill McDonnell surveyed a set of portrait pictures laid out on a Hillman Library table and picked her next art subject based on their name and favorite color — the only information provided with the picture. Using watercolor and acrylic paints, McDonnell and 27 other artists at Pitt painted per...

In tune with a b-flat: Artists, physicists collaborate on campus

Sarah Thornton, a senior studio arts major, looks at one of her pieces, a

By Abhignya Mallepalli / Staff Writer

April 5, 2017

Sarah Thornton stands in the basement of the Frick Fine Arts Center, preparing for her work to appear in an exhibit Tuesday night. She dips her fingers in paint and presses them to the canvas, using gray and purple colors to put the finishing touches on her visual representation of the connections between phys...

Pitt graduate fights for health care reform, one film at a time

Pitt graduate fights for health care reform, one film at a time

By John Lavanga / A&E Editor

November 18, 2013

In the gym of the Kingsley Association, volunteers and visitors danced along to the jingly, toe-tapping tunes of local indie-poppers Delicious Pastries as the band’s music ushered in the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s Health and Housing Fair. Outside, in the lobby, a collection of more than a dozen original posters regardin...

In its 4th year, VIA continues to evolve

In its 4th year, VIA continues to evolve

By Jeff Ihaza / Staff Writer

September 30, 2013

Artistically, Pittsburgh is one of the country’s burgeoning centers for innovation. The birthplace of Andy Warhol lends itself to creative types’ continued exploration of ways to engage their world. The VIA festival, now in its fourth year, is an embodiment of a playfully creative spirit that cou...

Employment Guide: Independent artists face tough road to success

Employment Guide: Independent artists face tough road to success

By John Lavanga / A&E Editor

September 12, 2013

Among the many tropes that inhabit the world of pop culture, few have been quite as enduring or romanticized as the starving artist. With nothing but artistic vision, a dirty studio, alcohol and art supplies, the starving artist takes a solitary journey toward some high universal truth found only in a...

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