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Opinion | Lori Loughlin’s prison sentence further exposes biases in the criminal justice system

Actress Lori Loughlin bribed admissions and standardized test proctors in order to ensure her children’s acceptance into top universities.

By Remy Samuels, Staff Columnist

September 1, 2020

The recent announcement that actress Lori Loughlin received a two-month prison sentence for her involvement in the “Varsity Blues” scandal is yet another example of how biased the criminal justice system is toward people of privilege and fame.

Share your experiences of hate and bias on campus

We're joining ProPublica's Documenting Hate project. Share your stories in the form below. (Courtesy of ProPublica)

By John Hamilton / Managing Editor

November 30, 2017

The Pitt News is joining ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project to better report on incidents of hate, bias and harassment at Pitt — and we want to hear your stories. Reports of hate crimes are up nationwide, and college campuses are no exception. The Federal Bureau of Investigation received rep...

FEMA fails minority communities

FEMA trailers used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, similar to those sent to the Yakama Nation in 2011. TNS

By Saket Rajprohat | Columnist

May 10, 2017

A lot of volunteers pick up litter, serve food or build houses. But not all are backdropped by the snow-capped peak of Mount Adams in southern Washington state. Third-year rehabilitation science major Bethany Lindsey saw this scenery firsthand when she volunteered with Sacred Road Ministries, a group un...

Facebook’s news suppression misleads users

Screenshot: Facebook

By Marlo Safi | Senior Columnist

May 17, 2016

Facebook is synonymous with nagging family, bragging friends and viral memes, but we rarely associate the social networking site with news. On an everyday basis, I log into Facebook and am immediately inundated: friends’ shameless selfies posted to fish Facebook’s superficial depths for validation, a...

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