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Editorial | Stop commodifying activism

Magnets and buttons for sale are displayed at the 2019 Pittsburgh Womens’ March.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

October 9, 2020

When we turn to capitalism and start selling goods with funny taglines, it distracts from larger issues of politics and justice that need to be recognized and advocated for.

Editorial | Mayor Peduto must radically support Black Lives Matter

A protester holds a sign during a Civil Saturdays demonstration in response to Mayor Bill Peduto speaking with protesters outside his house.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

August 23, 2020

It’s time for Mayor Peduto to rise above performative activism and definitively demonstrate that he stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

W. Kamau Bell talks social justice with Black Action Society, Pitt Program Council

W. Kamau Bell speaks at an event at Pitt on Jan. 17, 2017. Anna Bongardino|Staff Photographer

By Charlie Taylor, Culture Editor

July 17, 2020

As a stand-up comic, W. Kamau Bell has made a career around being funny — but that doesn’t mean he takes political issues lightly. The comedian went without pre-rehearsed jokes to talk to Pitt community members Thursday evening about making change on campus and in their city.

Artist collective combines art and activism

Redfishbowl Studios in Lawrenceville

By Charlie Taylor, Culture Editor

July 8, 2020

Redfishbowl and its collaborating artists are leading other initiatives to raise money for Pittsburgh organizations dedicated to bailing out protestors and supporting Black and trans people.

Op-Ed | Grappling with systemic racism

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters raise their fists in solidarity at the intersection of Forbes Avenue and South Bouquet Street on June 13.

By Jack Daniel, Retired Pitt administrator

July 7, 2020

Jack Daniel, the first chair of Pitt’s Africana Studies department, says in an op-ed that we in America, and at Pitt, must confront an elephant in the room.

Gallagher: Pitt in a ‘watershed’ moment

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher spoke about the dual crises facing the University at Friday morning's board of trustees meeting.

By Jon Moss, Editor-in-Chief

June 26, 2020

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said Friday that Pitt is in a “watershed” moment, while dealing with the dual crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and combating racial injustice.

Op-Ed | Working to tell the story right

A column written by former editor-in-chief Don Marbury in the Jan. 16, 1969, edition of The Pitt News.

By Don Marbury, former Editor-in-Chief of The Pitt News

June 23, 2020

Rev. Don Marbury, the first Black editor-in-chief of The Pitt News, reflects on his experience during the Black Action Society’s 1969 Cathedral of Learning sit-in.

Op-Ed | Pitt Anthropology grad students, alumni stand with Black Lives Matter

Protesters march down Forbes Avenue, in the shadow of the Cathedral of Learning, at a Saturday protest.

By Courtney Besaw, Anika Jugovic Spajic, Alexa Kellogg and Ognjen Kojanic

June 23, 2020

The settler-colonial history of this country that continues to shape racial hierarchies must be confronted critically in order to create a truly equitable society. We cannot and will not stay silent.

Letter to the editor | Africana Studies as a resource for Black studies courses on campus

Protesters march across the Birmingham Bridge during a protest on June 4.

By Yolanda Covington-Ward, chair of the Department of Africana Studies

June 16, 2020

Yolanda Covington-Ward, the chair of the Department of Africana Studies, asks students in a letter to the editor why they have or have not taken Africana Studies classes.

Letter from the Editor | We must capitalize the B

Protesters march down Forbes Avenue at a protest Saturday.

By Jon Moss, Editor-in-Chief

June 16, 2020

We will implement a new style rule, beginning immediately, to capitalize Black, as we should have done long ago. This change may seem small, but it’s not.

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