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Opinion | Trump administration’s Title IX changes hurt survivors

Opinion | Trump administration's Title IX changes hurt survivors

By Genna Edwards, Senior Staff Columnist

May 12, 2020

The mere change in the definition of what constitutes sexual harassment will have wide-reaching, chilling consequences.

Editorial | Pitt reopening task forces in need of better student representation

Pitt has formed three task forces to investigate many different aspects of what life at the University could look like in the fall.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

May 12, 2020

The task force’s executive committee is missing any representation from the group most impacted by its decisions — students at Pitt.

Editorial: Top 10 locations for the Bigelow shuttle stop

Lothrop Hall isn’t nearly as far away from the center of campus as its residents would like to believe.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

October 10, 2019

While it’s true that we’d probably walk through hell or high water anywhere to catch the campus shuttle, we have a few suggestions.

Editorial: Top 10 campus spots most likely to lead to another world, Narnia Style

Hillman’s bathrooms can get pretty gross during midterms.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

September 26, 2019

hese are 10 places on campus that are most likely to lead to another world. Narnia style, of course.

NextGen voters turned away at polls

Abigael Medina, 19, of Chicago, registers for voter information with NextGen Climate Illinois at the Logan Square Centennial Monument in Chicago on July 16, 2016.

By Erica Guthrie, Staff Writer

November 19, 2018

Some students were confused and frustrated when they couldn’t vote after registering with NextGen America. NextGen America registered thousands of students to vote on Pitt’s campus — though some were still turned away at the polls.

Pitt optimizes space for Master Plan

Ron Leibow, an employee of Pitt's Office of Facilities Management, watches on as architect Adam Gross (right) views the campus master plan on his laptop. (Photo by Christian Snyder | Online Visual Editor)

By Sophia Mastroianni | For The Pitt News

January 26, 2018

Pitt’s unconventional hills, sidewalks and parks are what separate the University’s aesthetic from others, Ayers Saint Gross architecture and planning principal Kevin Petersen said. “We want to address the quality, quantity and management of space,” Petersen said. Ayers Saint Gross and Pi...

A productive, yet misrepresentative three-way debate

Ben Sheppard, a senior libertarian, debates at PSSA's three-way debate Tuesday evening. (Photo by Sarah Cutshall | Staff Photographer)

By Neena Hagen, For The Pitt News

November 30, 2017

At colleges across the country — from California to the University of Connecticut — political events frequently turn violent. So when I got to room 324 of the Cathedral of Learning Tuesday evening for the Pitt Political Science Student Association's three-way debate between Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians, I braced myself for a ba...

Listen to Takei: start small to make change

Star Trek actor George Takei speaks at an event on July 10, 2016 in Birmingham, England.  (Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Zuma Press/TNS)

By Alexis Buncich | For The Pitt News

October 26, 2017

George Takei, actor and activist, has seen a lot of discrimination in his life. At 80 years old, he has lived through a Japanese internment camp, the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement and countless other protests. He may be originally known for his role in “Star Trek,” but he’s used his fame to bec...

Pitt architect plans campus future

Canard Grigsby doesn’t have a favorite project, he says, “At the end of the project, I get to go back, touch it, feel it, experience it. When you see it, when you actually walk up to it and touch it, it’s that sense of accomplishment.” (Photo by Anna Bongardino | Assistant Visual Editor)

By Anna Bongardino | Contributing Editor

October 13, 2017

Any Pitt student who has lived in Nordenberg or Panther Hall — or who has had class in Benedum or Salk Hall — can thank Canard Grigsby for planning and overseeing the execution of the buildings’ designs. Grigsby, the University architect, reviews almost all facilities management projects involving...

Exploring hidden art on campus

365 Views of the Cathedral of Learning  (Photo by Wenhao Wu | Assistant Visual Editor)

By Marissa Perino / Staff Writer

October 13, 2017

Because of displaced, absent or otherwise out-of-sight placards, many works of art often go unattributed or unnoticed on campus. There could be art installations hanging from a ceiling or beautiful oil paintings of the Cathedral in plain sight, and students and faculty often walk right by them. Art...

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