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The Outbreak | Dating at a distance

The Outbreak | Dating at a distance

By Eli Savage, Contributing Editor

April 9, 2020

Eli Savage can't touch his immunocompromised boyfriend, but at least he gets to see him.

Oakland Outlook: Finding love on TinderU

Oakland Outlook: Finding love on TinderU

By Megan Williams, Staff Writer

November 7, 2019

It’s strange to me that so many of us Pitt students look for love while in college. The very natures of each contradict, love and college, as the former portends permanence and the latter is itself a liminal space, something from which we (are intended to) move on.

Opinion | Tinder: 1 star

Opinion | Tinder: 1 star

By Ana Altchek, Staff Columnist

February 20, 2019

With social media, love is not quite as romantic. Technology has seemingly transformed dating into a game of swiping left and right.

College students say “screw you” to sex

College students say “screw you” to sex

By Erica Guthrie, Senior Staff Writer

February 14, 2019

Young adults are choosing to swipe left on physical intimacy more than ever before.

Flirting with the future: embrace uncertainty in jobs and dating

Emily Hower | Contributing Editor

By Emily Hower | Contributing Editor

April 17, 2017

It’s a sunny spring afternoon in Oakland — the kind of day that typically calls for Conflict Kitchen consumed cross-legged on the Schenley lawn. But instead of chowing down on falafel while basking in Cathy’s beauty, I’m shuttered indoors, armed with a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and my...

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