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The 200,000 purged voters in Wisconsin represent 4.5% of the total voting population in the state. States decided within 4.5% in the 2016 election make up 125 electoral votes.

Opinion | Voter purging’s partisan politics could define American elections

By Loretta Donoghue, Staff Columnist January 8, 2020
Conservative groups are right to say that some voter purging is necessary, but state governments are misusing the practice.
The Supreme Court opened its new term on Monday facing decisions on the Dreamers, LGBTQ+ rights, religion and abortion.

Editorial: LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace shouldn’t be up for debate

By The Pitt News Editorial Board October 8, 2019
This case should never have made it to the Supreme Court in the first place.
A lawsuit claims that Pennsylvania public school funding is unfair because it relies too heavily on local tax dollars and discriminates against underprivileged districts.

Editorial: Lawsuit could be a step towards equity in Pa. education funding

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 3, 2019
Where the state government has failed to solve the problem of inequity in education funding, this lawsuit could be a step towards a solution.
Duke University’s professor Megan Neely is currently under scrutiny for sending an email to Duke biostatistics students about international students speaking Chinese in study areas.

Editorial: Duke professor’s email is xenophobic, discriminatory

By The Pitt News Editorial Board January 28, 2019
Neely’s email, which implied that students speaking in a language other than English would be penalized, was uncalled for and xenophobic in nature. This isn’t the kind of thinking that should be welcomed or allowed at universities.
Russian president Vladimir Putin holds the FIFA World Cup Trophy at a pre-tournament ceremony in Moscow in September 2017. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Column: Hosting World Cup in Russia is dangerous for LGBTQ+ fans

By Hannah Schneider, Sports Editor June 13, 2018

Professional sports environments aren’t traditionally safe spaces for LGBTQ+ athletes and fans — especially in Russia, where policies outlawing “gay propaganda” have been condemned by the European...

(Illustration by Liam McFadden | Staff Illustrator)

Women in STEM events demolish discrimination

By Ana Altchek | Columnist April 3, 2018

When it comes to the major revenue-generating sources, it’s no secret that women face disadvantages in the workforce. And when it comes to STEM fields, this gender gap is even wider. With men holding...

(Illustration by Raka Sarkar | Senior Staff Illustrator)

‘Little House on the Prairie’ offers modern-day reflection

By Mariam Shalaby | Senior Columnist March 30, 2018

Seeking respite from a relentless flu last month, I took my childhood favorite “Little House on the Prairie” from my bookshelf. Curling up on the couch, I wondered what kept drawing me back to the...

Sarah Stier is a student photojournalist at Ohio University and has experienced sexism in the industry. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Steir)

Sports Journalism needs, deserves more female representation

It’s halftime during the Pitt vs Duke game at Heinz Field. The photo room is warm and abuzz with chatter — most Pittsburgh-based photographers know one another and are sharing inside jokes and quips...

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