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Local band Histrionic performs on stage.

Histrionic voted ‘Best Local Band’ in The Pitt News survey

By Patrick Swain, Culture Editor March 19, 2024

Histrionic spawned from a basement in Highland Park in 2014. Brothers Simon and Jude Sweeney and their friend Isaac Winograd fiddled with instruments, plucking at guitars and banging on drums, their youthful...

Heading North performs at “Live from Oakland: Genesis” in Atwood Church on Saturday night.

Post Genre’s first Atwood church concert aims to transform the Oakland music scene

By Tanya Babbar, Senior Staff Writer February 5, 2024

For concertgoers in Oakland, the feeling of a favorite DIY venue shutting down is a familiar one. Post Genre, an Oakland-based music project, is trying to lay the groundwork for a permanent musical fixture...

Clara Kent performing at Pitt Tonight on April 2.

Pittsburgh music scene: The FYI on DIY

By Maggie Young, Senior Staff Writer June 30, 2019
For those interested in pursuing a career in the music industry, Pittsburgh is a pretty good place to start.
Howler’s Bar is one of the most popular music venues in Bloomfield. (Photo courtesy of Susan Coe)

Bloomfield boasts eccentric music scene

The eclectic, little neighborhood of Bloomfield holds a secret within it: an erupting music scene. Bloomfield’s booming music and arts culture has created a niche community of creators, bands and artists...

Connor Murray, a sophomore marketing and information system major, founded and runs the Pittsburgh-based, independently run label Crafted Sounds. (Photo by Kyleen Considine | Senior Staff Photographer)

Cassettes make a comeback in local music scene

By Zachary Donovan | Staff Writer March 27, 2018

Popular trends tend to reappear every so often — and in the music world, this is especially true. Genres give way to post-genres, subgenres and genre fusion, and popular tropes of the past seem to pop...

Indie-pop quartet Soda Club performed in chilly temperatures at the Mr. Roboto Project Saturday evening. (Photo courtesy of Nick Seyler)

Soda Club creates their own genre

By Sarah Connor, Staff Writer January 9, 2018

Jarrett Krause opened the doors to his classroom at Beth Shalom Early Learning Center in Squirrel Hill Friday morning. His prekindergarten students drew colorful, scribbly pictures and asked him about...

Davis Kuhn and Josie Manns dressed up as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from “Spongebob, and Jonah Walston and Brittany Zortman went as Baby and Deborah from “Baby Driver.” (Photo courtesy of Sarah Connor)

Eerie ensembles: College students craft costumes at home

By Sarah Connor, Staff Writer October 31, 2017

Students dressed up in outfits ranging from cartoon characters to sexy nuns walked to and from Sorrento’s and mingled in Oakland basements this weekend — but one student in particular stuck out from...

Surf Bored is a mosh-pop band, prominent in Oaklands DIY scene. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Hartman)

Riding the party wave with Surf Bored

By Luke Stambaugh / Staff Writer September 11, 2017

In an Oakland basement adorned with Christmas lights, a two-person “mosh-pop” outfit jams in front of a sweaty crowd of college students. The crowd moshes to the fast-paced, resounding tunes as...

Society of Contemporary Craft not entirely DIY approach to art

Society of Contemporary Craft not entirely ‘DIY’ approach to art

By Meghan Bray / For The Pitt News October 28, 2014

In the emerging world of contemporary craft and do-it-yourself projects, schools focusing on crafts and non-traditional artistry like the Society for Contemporary Craft make a case for not always going...

Welcome Back: A step-by-step guide to fill an apartment the affordable way

Welcome Back: A step-by-step guide to fill an apartment the affordable way

By Britnee Meiser / Staff Writer August 19, 2014

Signing the lease on your first apartment can be a thrilling and completely new experience. But once the deed is done, you might be left wondering how to furnish an apartment on a college student’s meager...

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