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Opinon | Drinking alone in the time of COVID-19

Opinon | Drinking alone in the time of COVID-19

By Genna Edwards, Staff Columnist

April 8, 2020

I expected to feel, well, kind of like a loser, drinking alone in my little South Oakland bedroom, but the exact opposite happened. I felt awesome.

Taking a shot: trying alcohol for the first time at 21

Staff writer Sarah Morris (left) had her first drink at 21 this past week. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Morris)

By Sarah Morris / Staff Writer

October 23, 2017

“No, thank you,” quickly became my most commonly uttered phrase on weekends once I moved away to college — I would continuously be offered drinks at parties and would continuously turn them down. I’m not sure exactly when I decided I wouldn’t drink alcohol before I turned 21 — I guess fo...

Economics of thirst: Pittsburgh transplants brew up romance

Marcus Cox, husband to Pitt economics professor Andrea La Nauze, brews his own beer. Stephen Caruso | Assistant Visual Editor

By Stephen Caruso / Contributing Editor

April 14, 2017

The dry river bed in Andrea La Nauze’s backyard inspired her to study economics. Fellow Australian Marcus Cox just wanted to quench thirsts with his self-crafted brews. Together, the two make the perfect duo. La Nauze, now a Pitt economics professor, and Cox moved from their native continent to...

Higher education: Drug & alcohol problem requires treatment, not punishment

By Kirsten Wong / For The Pitt News

September 23, 2015

According to popular media, college life includes over-the-top parties, unlimited freedom, acceptance of drugs and alcohol and, occasionally, a class or two. This is best portrayed in movies like “22 Jump Street,” “Pitch Perfect” and “Accepted.” Such films tend to portray drugs and alcohol...

A defense of the cocktail, and a guide to the old fashioned

A defense of the cocktail, and a guide to the old fashioned

By John Lavanga / A&E Editor

November 20, 2013

Every weekend, thousands of college students of legal drinking age make a run on their local liquor store. With whatever money they’ve managed to save up by skipping meals, working somewhat humiliating odd jobs or donating their time and bodily fluids to medical science, they purchase whatever botto...

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