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Best neighborhoods for off-campus adventures

Sephora and Coffee Tree Roasters sit side by side on Walnut Street in Shadyside. (Photo by Janine Faust | Contributing Editor)

By Sarah Connor, Culture Editor

August 20, 2018

For many new Pitt students, the busy, exciting atmosphere of city life is one of the reasons they chose to attend an urban university. With Oakland’s many hospitals, restaurants, drugstores and parks surrounding our campus, students have a good idea of what life is like in an urban area. But what many...

Co-opportunity: Co-ops thrive in East Liberty

East End Food Co-op is located on Meade St. and has more than 10,000 members who all own a share of the company. (Photo courtesy of Marissa Perino)

By Marissa Perino / Staff Writer

September 29, 2017

At a farmers market in East Liberty, customers flock to stands lined with red-capped apple cider jugs and stacked wooden crates filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to cross grocery shopping off their to-do list for the week. In Pittsburgh’s East End neighborhood, two farmers market cooperatives ...

Next-day shopping? How Whole Foods and Amazon could change the game

Whole Food's partnership with Amazon could be a positive, if the food retailers' values win out. (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

By Levko Karmazyn | For The Pitt News

September 6, 2017

You could never accomplish today what John Mackey and Renee Lawson did in 1978 Austin, Texas. The college-dropout couple opened what would eventually become Whole Foods, which Amazon bought in August for $13.7 billion. Many criticized the natural food marketplace for “selling out” to Amazon, and feel tha...

Staff picks: finding the city’s coolest coffee shops

(Photos by John Hamilton | Editor-In-Chief)

By TPN Staff

May 29, 2017

Although Oakland’s coffee shop scene is dominated by Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, local and independently-owned coffee shops are only a short walk or bus ride away. Pittsburgh has more than merely chains — the city thrives off of independent and local businesses, including coffeehouses. Editors and wr...

Fun-A-Day returns to Pittsburgh for ninth year

Art by Jeff Brunner, photo courtesy of Emma Rehm

By Britnee Meiser / Staff Writer

February 9, 2016

A creative idea and the drive to get it done — that’s all it takes to exhibit artwork in Fun-a-Day, a national event with a loyal Pittsburgh following. Fun-a-Day, a volunteer-run concept that started in Philadelphia 12 years ago, has spread to cities all across America as an event focused  more on the pro...

East Liberty revived with quirky, caffeinated renaissance

East Liberty revived with quirky, caffeinated renaissance

By Brady Langmann / For The Pitt News

May 28, 2015

Two years ago, East Liberty was in the middle of a community-wide redevelopment project, and many of its new businesses weren’t sure if they were going to succeed.Zeke’s Coffee on Penn Avenue was about as claustrophobic as a Towers dorm room, with 11 seats and a couple tables outside, if you wanted t...

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