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Eric Macadangdang wins SGB presidency

Eric Macadangdang celebrates with his slate and supporters after winning the SGB presidential election on Tuesday night.

By Anushay Chaudhry and Benjamin Nigrosh

February 25, 2020

Eric Macadangdang will serve as president of Pitt’s Student Government Board during the 2020-21 school year, after winning 50.2% of the vote against Ravi Gandhi in Tuesday’s elections.

Your guide to the 2020 SGB elections

(From left) Voices slate’s Eric Macadangdang, Your slate’s Ravi Gandhi, Launch slate’s Tyler Viljaste and Cedric Humphrey, and independent Aman Reddy.

By Rebecca Johnson, Senior Staff Writer

February 25, 2020

With the nation hotly debating the Democratic primary for the presidency, undergraduate students have the opportunity today to choose a leader much closer to home — the president and board members of Pitt’s Student Government Board.

SGB candidates debate key issues for presidency

SGB presidential candidates Ravi Gandhi (left) and Eric Macdangdang (right) disagree over the effectiveness of SGB’s current allocation system at Monday’s SGB presidential debate.

By Jon Moss, News Editor

February 18, 2020

Two presidential candidates for Student Government Board bounced ideas back and forth Monday night about key issues facing students.

SGB to finalize naming guideline proposal by end of week

SGB provided updates on ongoing projects, including new club naming guidelines and installing free menstrual product dispensers in various bathrooms around campus, at Tuesday’s public meeting.

By Emily Drzymalski, Staff Writer

October 16, 2019

Student Government Board provided updates on several ongoing initiatives at their meeting Tuesday night.

SGB provides initiative updates at allocations-heavy meeting

The SORC task force plans to meet sometime this week.

By Emily Drzymalski, Staff Writer

September 18, 2019

Student Government Board President Zechariah Brown said at Tuesday’s SGB meeting that the board’s student task force on independent student organization names has yet to meet following its formation last week.

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