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Q&A: Expert gives tips to stay fit for finals

Q&A: Expert gives tips to stay fit for finals

By Dominic Campbell | Staff Writer

April 22, 2018

Students hardly have time to work out during the semester, but finding time for physical activity becomes even more of a hassle when finals roll around. Putting time in to study for finals may take precedent this week, but there are plenty of benefits to finding a way to work in a quick run or worko...

Freshmen, don’t neglect exercise while on campus

By Alex Wise / For The Pitt News

May 28, 2014

You’d never guess it if you looked at me now, but I used to be semi-athletic. I could dunk with ease and I contributed a respectable amount to a few district championship-caliber basketball teams. I have three gold medals hanging on my wall at home to prove it.But I grew tired of basketball. As a f...

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