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Facebook hasn’t made much of an effort to limit exposure to fake ads.

Editorial: Acknowledge fake ads, not just fake news

By The Pitt News Editorial Board October 27, 2019
It is Facebook’s responsibility to limit ads with false information, not just news with false information.
President Donald Trump speaks to the media as he departs the White House.

The president who cried ‘fake news’

By Kelly Loftus, Staff Columnist November 12, 2018
Trump’s tumultuous relationship with the media has quickly become a defining characteristic of his presidency. But this war against the media not only signifies a lack of respect for both the Constitution and American history, it represents a threat to one of democracy’s most basic fundamentals rights — freedom of the press.
Investigative journalist Bob Woodward discussed the process of interviewing sources for his book “Fear” at Pitt Program Council’s “An Evening with Bob Woodward” on Wednesday.

What readers need to understand about journalism

By Brian Gentry, Contributing Editor October 23, 2018
Widespread distrust of the media poses a threat to the free flow and sharing of knowledge, and journalists need to work with the community they inform to rebuild their relationship.

As Trump announces ‘Fake News Awards,’ GOP senators assail his attacks on the press as anti-democratic

On a day President Donald Trump promised to deliver "Fake News Awards," two Republican senators as well as several Democrats warned Wednesday that his unceasing attacks on a free press are undermining...

Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade film a segment of Fox & Friends in March 2017. (Photo by Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Editorial: In age of ‘fake news’ we must hold the president accountable

By The Pitt News Editorial Board July 12, 2017

Fake news is like a bad game of telephone — one source reports their truth, then everyone else runs with it, imparting their own spin upon it. Serious problems arise when people get their news from just...

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