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Students and staff at Jawaharlal Nehru University — a major public university in New Delhi, India — were attacked on Jan. 5 by a group of masked assailants with rods, sticks, acid and other weapons.

Pitt grad students and faculty speak out against fascism in India

By Mary Rose O'Donnell, Assistant News Editor January 17, 2020
Tanvir, Mukherjee and other fellow graduate students and faculty concerned about the political climate in India began to discuss the possibility of organizing a movement in Pittsburgh.
Then-deputy Jair Bolsonaro argued with Maria do Rosario during a general commission in the Chamber of Deputies while discussing violence against women.

Bolsonaro: fascist dictator masquerading as president

By Jason Henriquez, Staff Columnist November 6, 2018
Tolerating Bolsonaro's views isn’t just a controversial political stance — it actually enables atrocities.
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