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‘Venom’ disappoints critics, delights sci-fi fans

Tom Hardy stars as an investigative journalist named Eddie Brock in the action-packed film “Venom.”

By Victoria Pfefferle-Gillot, Staff Writer

October 9, 2018

Although “Venom” was met with dismal responses from critics, the film lit up the box office this past weekend, breaking a record for October openings.

The Incredibles return without skipping a beat

Holly Hunter voices Helen, aka Elastigirl, in the animated film,

By Grey McGettigan | For The Pitt News

June 20, 2018

After Disney-Pixar introduced international audiences to “The Incredibles” — a family of five superheroes struggling to live a super mundane life — the project’s creative linchpin, Brad Bird, kept busy. Blockbusters “Ratatouille” and “Tomorrowland” demanded most of his time, but the write...

‘Deadpool 2’ delivers laughs and action

(Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

By Victoria Pfefferle-Gillot | For The Pitt News

May 23, 2018

“Deadpool 2,” released May 18, claims to be a family movie, despite leading with a murder — no different than movies like “The Lion King” or “Bambi,” according to the title character. But based on its R rating and crude jokes, it’s safe to say “Deadpool 2” doesn’t qualify. ...

Songs over storyline: music fuels Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver”

(Photo via Wikipedia Commons)

By Matt Maielli / Contributing Editor

June 27, 2017

After watching Edgar Wright’s new film “Baby Driver,” I have no doubt Wright would be a ton of fun at karaoke night. Wright’s newest film prioritizes its soundtrack — packing a whopping 30 tracks — more than any other feature films to come out in the past few years, aside from James Gunn’...

‘Her’ spins tale of not-quite-surreal romance

'Her' spins tale of not-quite-surreal romance

By Shawn Cooke / Staff Writer

January 13, 2014

"Her"Directed by: Spike JonzeStarring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett JohanssonGrade: A“Man falls in love with Siri” might sound like an idea from a scrapped “South Park” episode, but ignore any reservations about the premise: “Her” transcends its superficial absurdity to become th...

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ gives poignant glimpse of 1960s folk

'Inside Llewyn Davis' gives poignant glimpse of 1960s folk

By Dylan Abbott / Staff Writer

December 5, 2013

“Everything you touch turns to sh*t!” the icy words spat by Jean (Carey Mulligan, giving a beautifully bitter performance) linger in the even icier New York air. “You’re like King Midas’s idiot brother.”This witty, biting criticism is directed at Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) having just been told he’s potentially the fath...

Jackman, Gyllenhaal clash in ‘Prisoners’

Jackman, Gyllenhaal clash in 'Prisoners'

By Andrew Fishman / Staff Writer

September 26, 2013

“Prisoners”Starring: Hugh Jackman, Jake GyllenhaalDirected by: Denis VilleneuveGrade: A- On a misty day, driving back from a hunting trip with his son, Keller Dover preaches, “Do you know what the best advice your granddad ever gave me was? Be ready. Always be ready.”Dover’s words of advice ...

‘Rush’ a thrilling, surprisingly complex, character study

'Rush' a thrilling, surprisingly complex, character study

By Brett Murphy / Staff Writer

September 19, 2013

“Rush”Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde   Directed by: Ron Howard     Grade: A  Over the thunder of a Formula One engine, running his hand across the pristine steel, a character proclaims, “Men like women, but they love cars.” “Rush,” with a good deal of unapolo...

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