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‘Alone, together’: First years build community in face of physically distanced fall

Pitt’s Class of 2024 participated in a virtual Welcome Week from Aug. 16-18 to kick off an unconventional semester.

By India Krug and Priya Ray

September 9, 2020

Many first-year students on campus this semester struggled with the decision of whether to take classes online from home, transfer to a different school or even take a gap year.

First-year Panthers to get to know

Canadian striker Chantelle Parker joins the 2020 Pitt women’s soccer team.

By Stephen Thompson, Sports Editor

July 23, 2020

Get to know some of the stars of the class of 2024 before you join them in Pittsburgh.

Student residents reflect on early exodus from campus housing

Student residents reflect on early exodus from campus housing

By Janine Faust, Editor-in-chief

March 19, 2020

Madison Korowicki, a first-year chemical engineer who had been living in Forbes Hall, said she was “initially kind of excited” when she learned Pitt was moving classes online on March 11. Soon, though, she realized she wouldn’t be seeing her friends for the rest of the semester after Pitt requ...

College Compass: Entering survival mode

College Compass: Entering survival mode

By Ana Altchek, Staff Writer

October 3, 2019

College Compass is a brand new bi-weekly blog that aims to help student navigate the highs and lows of college life. This week, staff writer Ana Altchek talks about some of the stresses of being a first year student.

Opinion | Freshman year is hard, and social media makes it worse

Opinion | Freshman year is hard, and social media makes it worse

By Sarah Connor, Contributing Editor

August 27, 2019

Your first year of college is inevitably hard, and I want all current first-years to know that if you’re not having the time of your life right now like everyone else seems to be, that’s okay.

Editorial | Unlimited 30-minute bike rides for first years are a good start

Pitt’s partnership with the Healthy Ride program only benefits first-years and resident assistants.

By Pitt News Editorial Board

August 26, 2019

Only first-year students and RAs are included in Healthy Ride’s pilot bike program, but this is an opportunity that all students should be able to reap the benefits of.

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