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Pitt to revisit plans for Finnish, Iranian rooms

The Finnish and Iranian (pictured) Nationality Rooms are in the fundraising process and will be coming to the Cathedral within the next few years.

By Ashton Crawley, Staff Writer

March 3, 2020

The Finnish and Iranian rooms will most likely be due for a review of their progress with the University in August, according to Maryann Sivak, the assistant to the director of the Nationality Rooms.

Iranian students, faculty discuss Pitt environment

Hessam Babaee, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and materials science, immigrated to the United States from Iran in 2006.

By Rebecca Johnson, Senior Staff Writer

February 2, 2020

Separation from family is not uncommon. Some have seen discrimination rise alongside tensions between the United States and Iran following the death of Iran’s highest level military commander, Gen. Qasem Soleimani. According to BBC News, Soleimani was killed by an airstrike launched on Jan. 3 under orders from President Donald Trump. Iran fired missiles on two U.S. bases in Iraq in response. 

Opinion | WW3 memes show a dangerous lack of understanding

Opinion | WW3 memes show a dangerous lack of understanding

By Julia Kreutzer, Senior Staff Columnist

January 12, 2020

Making memes out of political chaos is not the same as turning lemons into lemonade.

Former ambassador examines Iran nuclear deal

Former Ambassador Dennis Jett leads a discussion on the Iran Nuclear Deal Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Divyanka Bhatia | Staff Photographer)

By Cassidy Power and Remy Samuels | The Pitt News Staff

February 23, 2018

Former U.S. ambassador Dennis Jett equated the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiations to a “foreign policy food fight” Thursday in Posvar Hall. “One should not confuse honesty and politics — they’re like oil and water,” Jett said. Jett, who served as ambassador to Mozambique and Peru under t...

“She Who Tells A Story” challenges Western preconceptions of Arab women

“She Who Tells A Story” challenges Western preconceptions of Arab women

By Kelechi Urama / Staff Writer

June 10, 2015

In the Heinz Galleries at the Carnegie Museum of Art, a black and white photo by Shirin Neshat depicts a woman’s hand over her closed mouth.The words of Forough Farrokhzad, one of the most influential woman writers of the Iranian Revolution, are written in Persian script over her hand. What initial...

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