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The Pitt Prescription | Debunking common mask myths

The Pitt Prescription

By Elizabeth Donnelly, Senior Staff Writer

October 4, 2020

There are many rumors going around about wearing masks, so it’s important to learn facts versus fiction when it comes to something this important.

SGB gives updates on pass/fail grades, mandatory masks for fall semester

Student Government Board held a virtual Town Hall on Thursday.

By Rebecca Johnson, Senior Staff Writer

July 25, 2020

Eric Macadangdang, Student Government Board president, said at a Thursday afternoon town hall that Pitt would not be allowing students to convert courses from a letter grade to satisfactory/no credit at the end of the fall semester.

Opinion | Just wear the mask — even you, Trump

Opinion | Just wear the mask — even you, Trump

By Julia Kreutzer, Senior Staff Columnist

April 5, 2020

Whether we’re greeting dictators, kings and queens or simply making a trip to Trader Joe’s, we should be following all of the CDC guidelines.

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