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The Atlantic Ocean.

Opinion | It wasn’t five people lost at sea, it was more than six hundred

By Sofia Uriagereka-Herburger, Staff Columnist July 12, 2023
The reporting on the five wealthy passengers of the OceanGate submarine unfairly outweighed the coverage of the 700 refugees aboard the capsized vessel in Greece.
Students participate in painting the SNAP mural on Sunday.

SNAP collaborates with Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media for neurodiversity mural

By Anna Ligorio, Senior Staff Writer January 29, 2023
The Special Needs Assistance Program for Social Engagement is designing a colorful mural over the next two weeks to celebrate neurodiversity in the Pittsburgh community. The 8-by-8-foot mural will hang on the first floor of Benedum Hall.
Opinion | You’re worried about the wrong things

Opinion | You’re worried about the wrong things

By Lucas DiBlasi, Senior Staff Columnist September 2, 2021
National news coverage and social media algorithms trend toward negativity and outrage, which skews Americans’ ideas of which issues society actually faces — and which it doesn’t.
A plane flies overhead a group of people gathered around the remains of a car hit by an American drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Opinion | Western cultures need to stop normalizing violence in the Middle East

By Dalia Maeroff, Opinions Editor September 1, 2021
Many Americans are avoiding discussing their own country’s involvement in the conflict — convincing themselves that the Middle East is just a violent place.
More than 1 million people are infected with COVID-19 around the world.

Opinion | Media shouldn’t rub salt in the wound about COVID-19 pandemic

By Ana Altchek, Staff Columnist April 12, 2020
Life in quarantine isn’t ideal for most people, and it’s mentally and emotionally taxing even for those who don’t know anyone fighting the virus.
Mindy Kaling plays novice comedy writer Molly Patel in a scene from Late Night.

Opinion | Move over, Chad: The importance of representation on-screen

By Devi Ruia, Senior Staff Columnist March 24, 2020
Growing up as an Indian American woman, I rarely saw people that looked like me on-screen and it really impacted how I viewed myself and how others viewed me.
Pitt sophomore transfer Ithiel Horton averaged 13.2 points per game as a first-year player at Delaware.

Horton earns high praise from Capel, Johnson

By Trent Leonard, Sports Editor February 25, 2020
One topic surprisingly rose to the forefront of Pitt basketball’s Monday media session — the behind-the-scenes play of sophomore transfer guard Ithiel Horton.
Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 24, 2019, in Los Angeles.

Opinion | Don’t be so Swift to shake off Taylor’s politics

By Alison Sivitz, For The Pitt News February 12, 2020
For the majority of my life, the most political statement she’d ever made was “haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.”
David Shribman discusses the importance of truth in journalism and how the field has evolved over time.

Former PG editor discusses truth in journalism

By Brian Gentry, Assistant News Editor March 19, 2019
At the event, Shribman discussed the importance of truth in journalism and how the field has evolved over time.
NFL senior director of event operations Eric Finkelstein takes questions from the media during a Super Bowl photo and interview opportunity inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta during preparation for the game on Jan. 22.

Super Bowl Scoop: Covering America’s Greatest Spectacle from the beat writers who’ve been there

By Ben Bobeck, For The Pitt News January 30, 2019
If it weren’t for journalists, most people would have no idea what’s going on at the Super Bowl. But while they’re bringing you the news, their jobs aren’t always easy. The Pitt News spoke with some journalists to find out the scoop on covering the Super Bowl.
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