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Pitt: take art cues from rest of ‘Burgh

Pitt: take art cues from rest of 'Burgh

By Jack Trainor / Staff Writer

October 22, 2014

Quick: what’s the most dismal building on campus? Chances are you answered Posvar Hall — a five-story, concrete slab. With its bare, dimly lit halls that transcend zip codes and colossally bleak walls, it’s no wonder why the answer is so obvious. So what’s the answer to this one: what should we d...

That’s brutal: A history of Posvar Hall’s architectural stylings

That's brutal: A history of Posvar Hall's architectural stylings

By Matt Singer / Senior Staff Writer

December 3, 2013

When Chitra Sharma first toured Pitt as a prospective student, she saw Wesley W. Posvar Hall on a Pitt Pathfinders tour. At the time, she didn’t think that the building was particularly remarkable — nothing about it stuck out as memorable to her. Now, about two and a half years later, Sharma still fin...

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