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Op-Ed | Making [email protected] more flexible

Op-Ed | Making Flex@Pitt more flexible

By Ben Rottman, Chris Schunn, Celia Brownell, Natasha Tokowicz, Peter Gianaros, Jana Iverson, and Timothy Nokes-Malach

July 16, 2020

[email protected] is actually inflexible, and in its current form will result in a suboptimal learning experience.

Op-ed | A word of caution to students about Outlier courses

Pitt currently has a contract with Outlier to offer Calculus I and Intro to Psychology for credit throughout the summer.

By Melinda Ciccocioppo, Psychology Lecturer

June 16, 2020

As an instructor of Introduction to Psychology at Pitt, I’d like to make you aware of some very big differences between the Intro to Psychology course that Outlier is offering and the Introduction to Psychology courses that Pitt offers outside of this contract with Outlier.

Analysis: Social implications of personal identification to sports

Pittsburgh Steelers fans celebrate their team’s 18-16 win over the Kansas City Chiefs during the AFC Divisional Playoff game on Jan. 15, 2017 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. (John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS) (File Photo)

By David Leftwich | Senior Staff Writer

January 24, 2018

The City of Pittsburgh took a collective gut punch last weekend as the Steelers suffered a 45-42 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars to end the season. Beyond the more than 60,000 people who flocked to Heinz Field to sit in 20-degree weather and watch the loss live, around 20 million people at home invested abo...

Self-awareness snaps unconscious biases

(Illustration by Jordan Mondell / Contributing Editor)

By Vaibhavi Patria | Columnist

January 10, 2018

Imagine you’re walking down Forbes Avenue one afternoon, and suddenly a man wearing a ski mask grabs your backpack and sprints away. You call the police immediately, and although the backpack is nowhere to be found, they’ve arrested two men who match your description of the perpetrator. You’re ta...

Don’t let groupthink ruin Greek life

Illustration by Garrett Aguilar | Staff Illustrator

By Vaibhavi Patria | For The Pitt News

October 30, 2017

As Maxwell Gruver, a first-year at Louisiana State University, was wheeled into the hospital last month, his blood alcohol concentration was eight times the legal limit — nearly 0.5. Gruver, who was a pledge for Phi Delta Theta, died in the aftermath of a hazing incident at his fraternity. Brothers...

Christensen concentrates on couples conflict

(Photo by Li Yi | Staff Photographer)

By Sarah Frumkin | For The Pitt News

October 6, 2017

Couples looking to get to the root of their problems may have found just the man to help them. Andrew Christensen — a professor from the University of California Los Angeles and a licensed clinical psychologist — shared his latest research on a method of couples therapy he developed at the Weste...

Dear social media: it’s not you, it’s my mental health

(Illustration by Liam McFadden | Staff Illustrator)

By Audreela Deb | For The Pitt News

August 21, 2017

Ah, summer. The season of vacation getaways and seasonal internships. Afternoon barbecues and late night bonfires; Fourth of July pool parties and sunbathing trips to the beach. And there’s proof of it all on social media — at least, if this year was anything like last. Instead of devouring th...

Editorial: Facebook: ‘Dislike’ button divisive

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

September 16, 2015

What’s on your mind?” Facebook asks as you open its mobile app. More likely than not, what’s in the back of your mind while you use Facebook is your image — how your peers will perceive your pictures and posts. Our education level, our relationships, our careers, our personal tastes — we make a...

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