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SGB president Zechariah Brown discusses the appointment of Varsha Suresh as SGB’s new diversity and inclusion committee chair at Tuesday’s weekly meeting.

SGB approves new Diversity and Inclusion chair

By Anushay Chaudhry, Staff Writer March 4, 2020
Student Government Board kicked off their weekly meeting Tuesday night with an announcement from President Zechariah Brown approving the newly appointed SGB Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair Varsha Suresh.
SGB presidential candidate Ravi Gandhi at Tuesdays election.

SGB announces resignation of diversity and inclusion chair Ravi Gandhi

By Benjamin Nigrosh, Assistant News Editor February 28, 2020
Student Government Board Diversity and Inclusion Chair Ravi Gandhi has resigned from his position, effective Friday. 
(From left) Voices slate’s Eric Macadangdang, Your slate’s Ravi Gandhi, Launch slate’s Tyler Viljaste and Cedric Humphrey, and independent Aman Reddy.

Your guide to the 2020 SGB elections

By Rebecca Johnson, Senior Staff Writer February 25, 2020
With the nation hotly debating the Democratic primary for the presidency, undergraduate students have the opportunity today to choose a leader much closer to home — the president and board members of Pitt’s Student Government Board.
SGB presidential candidates Ravi Gandhi (left) and Eric Macdangdang (right) disagree over the effectiveness of SGB’s current allocation system at Monday’s SGB presidential debate.

SGB candidates debate key issues for presidency

By Jon Moss, News Editor February 18, 2020
Two presidential candidates for Student Government Board bounced ideas back and forth Monday night about key issues facing students.
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