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Old News: When Pitt and ROTC clashed on anti-gay policy

Old News: When Pitt and ROTC clashed on anti-gay policy

By Emily Wolfe, Contributing Editor September 26, 2019
Old News is a new bi-weekly blog dragging up ancient Pitt history. This week, News Editor Emily Wolfe takes us back to 1990 when campus groups tried to push Pitt to break ties with the ROTC because of its discriminatory sexuality policies.
In spite of interest from Air Force ROTC and Swanson school engineers, Pitt does not currently offer an Aerospace program.

Pitt students search for aerospace program

By Mary Rose O'Donnell, Staff Writer February 4, 2019
From Air Force ROTC cadets to Swanson engineers, many Pitt students yearn for a solid aerospace program that can prepare them for future careers in the United States Air Force and other related aerospace fields.
Virtual reality can be used to visualize mathematical and physical models that would otherwise be difficult to view in a classroom setting.

ROTC uses grant for virtual reality

By Griffin Lynch, For The Pitt News January 25, 2019
The fairly new technology uses small, high-definition screens and lenses embedded in a headset that looks a bit like high-tech scuba goggles to create a 360-degree interactive experience.
Sophomore psychology and Arabic major Elizabeth Luoma holds out her marine corps ROTC-issued cover.

In the Army: professional prospects for Pitt ROTC

By Grant Burgman, News Editor September 13, 2018
In Pitt’s ROTC program, students receive a full-tuition scholarship as well as $600 a month to cover the cost of books and a $420 monthly stipend. Students who already have a full-tuition scholarship, through athletics or academics, can instead choose to accept a $10,000 room-and-board scholarship.
Caitlyn Gibbs starts training 5:45 a.m. three mornings a week. Training activities include crossfit, running and weight training. (Photo by Wenhao Wu | Assistant Visual Editor)

Students soldier on to future

By Jesse Madden | For The Pitt News September 27, 2017

Caitlyn Gibbs’ schedule requires her to be at Bellefield Hall at 5:45 a.m. three days per week, where attendance is taken. Then she and 150 other Pitt students head over to the Cathedral lawn for running...

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