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Zaki defies genre in debut of self-titled album

 “Zaki” was the first album released by the band Zaki and consists of seven original tracks. (Photo courtesy of Jack Stauber)

By Sarah Connor, Staff Writer

March 13, 2018

Jesse Descutner, a 2016 Pitt graduate, heard the environmental term “urban heat island” in an undergraduate urban studies class and immediately thought it would be a good name for his band. In that same class, Descutner, a guitarist, met bassist Sean O’Connor, a 2017 Pitt graduate. The two ...

For 3rd-straight year, Pittsburgh zine scene convenes

For 3rd-straight year, Pittsburgh zine scene convenes

By Dylan Abbott / For The Pitt News

September 23, 2013

Pittsburgh is infested with “zinesters” — it’s an epidemic beyond imaginable proportions. There is a vast community of writers, comic artists, poets, designers and illustrators within the city, all of whom are self-publishing their creative conceptions and cutting out (and possibly pasting) t...

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