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Opinion | Halloween is our fall semester savior

Opinion | Halloween is our fall semester savior

By Sarah Liez, For The Pitt News October 19, 2021
Halloween in college is an entertaining distraction from the problems of young adult life.
Opinion | How to avoid and recover from burnout

Opinion | How to avoid and recover from burnout

By Lucas DiBlasi, Senior Staff Columnist October 18, 2021
By putting some more thought into how we relax and unwind, we can recover from burnout more efficiently. 
Students study on the first floor of Hillman Library.

Editorial | Top 10 best gen-eds to take this year

By The Pitt News Editorial Board August 30, 2021
Here are our favorite classes we’ve taken in our time at Pitt that fulfill general education requirements. 
Opinion | Grading practices, not grading scales, need to be changed

Opinion | Grading practices, not grading scales, need to be changed

By Kartik Kannan, Staff Columnist April 5, 2021
By changing educational standards, grades can remain an effective and integral part of our educational system.
Opinion | Abolish the letter grade

Opinion | Abolish the letter grade

By Dalia Maeroff, Senior Staff Columnist March 31, 2021
The letter-grade system in grade schools should be replaced with a narrative system that will help students grow as learners.
Setting a fixed time to wake up in the morning can help the body adapt to a daily schedule.

Opinion | 5 tips to minimize stress and maximize success

By Mackenzie Oster, Staff Columnist August 23, 2019
So, before you find yourself in the same situation when the new school year begins, here's a few things to do differently this semester to minimize stress and maximize success.
Redshirt senior Angela Seman bumps the ball during Pitt’s 3-1 victory over Dayton September 7. (Photo by Kaycee Orwig | Staff Photographer)

Column: Pitt is a volleyball school now

By Stephen Thompson, For the Pitt News September 19, 2018
The Pitt volleyball team is driven, experienced and talented — and they deserve all the support our Panther community can give them.
Saket Rajprohat found his place at Pitt through FORGE, a student group involved with refugee awareness. Here, immigrants share their stories with a group of students in April at a FORGE event.  (Photo by Thomas Yang | Staff Photographer)

Finding your place as a transfer student

By Saket Rajprohat | Columnist August 22, 2017

It was a cold and snowy January day. With my backpack and suitcases heavier than they seemed leaving home, I stepped into my new dorm. I was excited to finally be at Pitt. After my short and easy semester...

At a school board debate Monday in the Hill District, a moderator holds up a sign, alerting a candidate that they have one minute left to answer. John Hamilton | Editor-in-Chief

City School Board candidates debate ahead of primary

By Henry Glitz | News Editor May 10, 2017

“Kids can’t vote, but you can,” read the signs and literature passed out at the door to parents and community members filing in the seats in the Elsie H. Hillman Auditorium in the Hill District Monday...

Nazi fliers and racist videos: Should students of color expect this at predominantly white colleges?

NORFOLK, Va. _ In the past year, students at Old Dominion University have seen fliers promoting Nazism pop up on campus and a video of a woman wearing a sweatshirt with the college's logo encourage the...

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