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“Las Madres de Berks” illuminates realities of immigrant detention in Pennsylvania

Berks County Residential Center is one of three family detention facilities in the country in which ICE detains undocumented immigrant families.

By Vikram Sundar, Staff Writer

October 15, 2019

The film "Las Madres de Berks" was shown at the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium Thursday night in a screening hosted by the Shut Down Berks Coalition, an activist organization, in conjunction with Pitt’s history of art and architecture department.

‘Burden of Genius’ showcases revolutionary Dr. Thomas Starzl

The documentary “Burden of Genius” tells the story of Dr. Thomas Starzl, who is known as  “the father of transplantation.”

By Victoria Pfefferle-Gillot, Senior Staff Writer

April 18, 2019

Students at the University of Pittsburgh have likely heard the name Dr. Thomas Starzl at least once in passing or happened across the statue of him relaxing on a bench behind the Cathedral.

“Spectacles” film series considers religion in film with “My Name is Khan”

Actor Shah Rukh Khan plays Rizwan Khan, the protagonist with Asperger’s Syndrome who embarks on a cross-country journey in the Indian Bollywood film “My Name Is Khan”. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

By Vikram Sundar | Staff Writer

March 15, 2018

Moviegoers and religious scholars gathered for a film screening Tuesday in the hopes of viewing religion through a cinematic lens. Spectacles — a film series that analyzes religious and cultural motifs in movies — screened “My Name is Khan” in room 407 of the Cathedral of Learning from 7-...

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