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Editorial: Obama’s speech exposes divisive politics

Former President Barack Obama attends a campaign event in Anaheim, Calif., for Democratic congressional candidates last Saturday.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

September 11, 2018

Obama’s assessment of today’s polarized political climate in his speech is largely correct. Trump’s election reflects a recent exacerbation of the already vast political divides in our country.

Editorial: Trump calls for unity, shows none

Members of the Pitt Political Science Association invited students and faculty to watch President Trump’s state of the Union address at a viewing party in Posvar. (Photos by Issi Glatts | Assistant Visual Editor)

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

January 31, 2018

President Donald Trump took a brief hiatus from Twitter Tuesday night to deliver his first State of the Union address, touting high hopes for unity across his audience — which seemed divided and stiff with discomfort. It took no more than a wide pan of the camera around the room for Nancy Pelosi...

Rejecting his legacy, Flake boldly speaks out

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) will not run for re-election next cycle amid discord with President Donald Trump. 
(Olivier Douliery/ Abaca Press/TNS)

By Ana Altchek | For The Pitt News

November 2, 2017

Growing up in a town between Princeton and Trenton, New Jersey, I was exposed to a diverse population — both racially and economically. And while I am grateful I grew up in a place that encouraged a progressive mind-set, this naturally precluded conservative views. A lot of people in my town thought this was ...

Israelis and Palestinian find common ground in the environment

Shadi Shiha (left) and Eve Tendler led a discussion about Palestine and Israel environmental issues Thursday as part of Pitt’s International Week. (Photo by Sarah Cutshall | Staff photographer)

By Nina Kneuer | Staff Writer

October 20, 2017

From a Palestinian point of view the Arava Institute is located in Palestine, and from an Israeli point of view the Institute is located in Israel. Students and faculty from the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies — a university that focuses on intercultural research and environmental work — led a ...

The Blame Game: Trump’s simple, yet divisive rhetoric

The Blame Game: Trump’s simple, yet divisive rhetoric

By Vaibhavi Patria | For The Pitt News

September 21, 2017

In his mind, President Donald Trump can never go wrong — his actions are justified, his words are nothing but the truth and his band of followers is loyal and ever-growing. And when he’s not praising himself, he’s shifting the blame to others. “I inherited a mess, it's a mess at home and abroad. A mess,...

Berkeley braces for right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro’s visit

By Anna M. Phillips | Los Angeles Times (TNS)

September 12, 2017

Girding itself for a visit from another polarizing political figure and the possibility of more violent protests, the University of California, Berkeley is tightening campus security. In a message sent earlier this week, Provost Paul Alivisatos said the university was taking precautions in advance of the ...

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