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Review: Courtney Barnett brings second album to Stage AE

Courtney Barnett strums her signature red guitar during her show at Stage AE on Oct. 19.

By Darren Campuzano, Staff Writer

October 22, 2018

Courtney Barnett is an indie rock artist from Australia — and she is rapidly rising into the rock scene. Barnett stopped at Stage AE on Friday.

Royal Blood at Stage AE: How can two people make so much noise?

Mike Kerr, lead vocalist and bassist of the British rock group, Royal Blood, performs at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE May 31. (Photo by Jane Millard | Staff Photographer)

By Sarah Connor, Culture Editor

June 6, 2018

Two men from Brighton, England, stood on the indoor stage at Stage AE in Pittsburgh’s North Side on the evening of May 31. One of them had a broken foot and the other couldn’t move from the stool he was sitting on. But these two people managed to get a crowd of hundreds of people jumping, screa...

Review: Tyler the Creator takes over Stage AE with trademark performance

Tyler, the Creator performs “Foreword” off his most recent album “Flower Boy” Tuesday night at Stage AE. (Photo by Elise Lavallee | Contributing Editor)

By Charlie Garcia-Weger | For The Pitt News

February 22, 2018

The only venue you’d expect to see an act like Tyler, the Creator performing in Pittsburgh is Stage AE. And the only rapper that wouldn’t even think about the title of the concert hall until five songs through is the notorious “Odd Future” frontman. “What the f***, this is an American Eagle ...

Review: Walk the Moon delivers electrifying performance at Stage AE

Popular American rock band Walk The Moon riled up the audience by bashing the Steelers during its performance at Stage AE Tuesday night. (Photo by Darren Campuzano | Staff Writer)

By Darren Campuzano | Staff Writer

January 25, 2018

If there is a single guideline for bands performing in Pittsburgh, it is to never offend Steel City football. The audience at Stage AE witnessed this cardinal sin committed onstage Tuesday night by the unapologetic Cincinnati band, Walk the Moon. “When I think of Pittsburgh, I think of how badass ...

The National plays concert to pensive crowd

The National, an indie rock band from Cincinnati, played at Stage AE Saturday night. (Photo courtesy of Lexi Kennell)

By Sarah Morris / Staff Writer

October 10, 2017

As The National lead singer Matt Berninger held up his drink between songs, he said being in Pittsburgh makes him feel like he’s “almost home.” The Cincinnati-based band played the outdoor venue at Stage AE Saturday to a full crowd of fans — mostly young adults in their twenties and thirt...

Against Me! and Branan hog the spotlight from Gaslight

Against Me! and Branan hog the spotlight from Gaslight

By Danielle Fox / Assistant News Editor

October 21, 2014

What Gaslight Anthem lacked in individuality Friday night at Stage AE, it painfully made up with an overactive light show and an arduously long 26-song set. It was the end to the band’s fall U.S. tour, roughly one year after the group visited Pittsburgh to play at Mr. Small’s. The band has since...

Pittsburgh’s large performance spaces draw diverse lineup

Pittsburgh's large performance spaces draw diverse lineup

By Stephanie Roman / Staff Writer

May 28, 2014

Mr. Small’s Funhouse400 Lincoln Ave.MillvaleMr. Small’s more than makes up for its quaint size with an awesome, earsplitting PA sound system. Shows are often filled to bursting at a 650-person capacity, and it can get cramped and hot inside, especially when the metal, hardcore and thrash bands get...

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