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276 killed in Somalia’s worst-ever bomb attack

By Robyn Dixon | Los Angeles Times (TNS)

October 15, 2017

Hundreds of Somalis marched in the streets of Mogadishu on Sunday to protest a deadly blast that killed 276 people in a busy shopping district in the country's deadliest single bomb attack. About 300 others were reported injured in the attack, Information Minister Abdirahman O. Osman said. It occurred...

Climate change should hit close to home

(Illustration by Garrett Aguilar | Staff Illustrator)

By Brian Gentry | For The Pitt News

September 19, 2017

The apple core I had just tossed had no sooner hit the bottom of the bin when I heard the familiar scolding from my mom. Once again, I had forgotten to put it in the compost bin. As a kid, I didn’t really know why I needed to be environmentally conscious, whether it was recycling water bottles, ...

Scared to study abroad? Do it anyway

(Illustration by Liam McFadden | Staff Illustrator)

By Sarah Shearer | For The Pitt News

September 13, 2017

I was in the candy aisle of a bookstall April 19 when I first heard the emergency alarms and looked up to see the main concourse of London Euston Train Station in a dark frenzy. I grabbed my bag, shuffled out the nearest exit and stood outside with other travelers for almost half an hour before someone announced ov...

Obama’s address: Keep guns out of extremists’ hands

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

December 7, 2015

Fighting terrorism has reached a “new phase” for the United States, President Obama said during his Oval Office address last night. As we have improved at gathering information on terrorist networks and at foiling their plots, the president said extremists have turned to “less complicated” m...

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