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The Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Editorial | History should be taught the way it happened, no matter how bad it is

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 7, 2021
To limit its teaching in school classrooms is to blatantly ignore the struggles of generations of Americans and is a step backwards in recent progress in school curriculum reform.
Opinion | We need to get ready to say goodbye to Roe v. Wade

Opinion | We need to get ready to say goodbye to Roe v. Wade

By India Krug, Senior Staff Columnist September 7, 2021
I want to clarify how dire the situation truly is. The law — which went into effect on last Wednesday — bans almost all abortions after six weeks, with no exceptions for rape or incest and very narrow ones for the patient’s health.
The Pitt News Editorial Board argues that Texas’ abortion law is not only a cruel attempt to control women’s bodies, but has paved the way for bans throughout the country.

Editorial | The Texas abortion ban is disgraceful — PA could be next

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 2, 2021
This is another shameless expression of Republicans’ desire to control women’s bodies — particularly low-income women — and disregard for public opinion.
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, flew to Cancun Wednesday while many of his constituents in Texas struggled through an unprecedented crisis. (Stefani Reynolds/Pool/Getty Images/TNS)

Editorial | Texas jokes, memes distract from real crisis

By The Pitt News Editorial Board February 19, 2021
It's crucial to hold Texas politicians accountable for their actions, but not through memes and jokes, which distract from the severity of the crisis.
Kentucky cornerback Derrick Baity (29) breaks up a pass intended for Mississippi State wide receiver Fred Ross (8) in the fourth quarter of Kentucky’s 40-38 win on Oct. 22, 2016.

What are the odds: Making a comeback after losses in Ohio State vs. TCU game

By Colin Martin, Blogger September 20, 2018
In this week's "What are the odds" blog, blogger Colin Martin examines his losses and how he can make a comeback in the upcoming games. He offers an analysis of each game in college football, providing spreads, over/under numbers and bet suggestion.
A man climbs out of a utility vehicle that was stuck on Highway 96 in flood waters from Hurricane Harvey on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017, in Lumberton, Texas. (Ashley Landis/Dallas Morning News/TNS)

Editorial: Florida university should let professor speak

By The Pitt News Editorial Board August 30, 2017

In the aftermath of last fall’s elections, many on Twitter who had opposed President Donald Trump’s campaign blamed Florida — one of the states that gave the Republican an electoral victory. But...

Weighing the cost

Weighing the cost

By MCT Campus October 8, 2014

Tickets to sporting events are getting pricier and pricier.

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