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Students are away, athletes play: Pitt stacks victories over Thanksgiving break

Justin Champagnie (11) attempts a layup. He was the top scorer against Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

By Griffin Floyd, Staff Writer

December 2, 2019

Pitt sports had a busy Thanksgiving break, with many games bridging the week-long gap. Volleyball concluded regular season play in dominating fashion, while both the men’s and women’s basketball teams took part in traditional early-season tournaments.

Old News: Happy Franksgiving

Old News: Happy Franksgiving

By Emily Wolfe, Contributing Editor

November 22, 2019

It was one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s less popular ideas to reinvigorate the American economy — with an extra week of Christmas shopping.

Opinion | Thanksgiving not needed before getting into the holiday spirit

Opinion | Thanksgiving not needed before getting into the holiday spirit

By Anne Marie Yurik, Staff Columnist

November 18, 2019

Thanksgiving as a “you can now listen to holiday music” rite of passage is pointless, and considering how few people in the world actually celebrate Thanksgiving, it doesn’t make sense, either.

Thanksgiving break to last full week

Thanksgiving break will last for a full week as of the 2019 fall semester.

By Jon Moss, News Editor

August 20, 2019

Pitt students will have more time to ready themselves for their mashed potatoes and turkey this year, thanks to a new schedule change.

Thanksgiving Recap: Volleyball, basketball gobble up wins

Sophomore Chinaza Ndee celebrates during the Panthers’ 3-0 victory over Georgia Tech on Wednesday.

By Kate Hall, Staff Writer

November 26, 2018

Pitt football fell to Miami, but three other Panther sports picked up the slack with a winning Thanksgiving weekend both home and away.

Editorial: How to handle relatives at Thanksgiving

Editorial: How to handle relatives at Thanksgiving

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

November 20, 2018

While Thanksgiving dinner at your great-aunt’s house is not the ideal place to throw hands with your grandpa, there are ways of confronting loved ones without turning the conversation into a battleground whence your relationships may never recover.

Volunteer, but not on Thanksgiving

(Illustration by Garrett Aguilar | Staff Illustrator)

By Neena Hagen, For The Pitt News

November 20, 2017

It’s Thanksgiving, and you're bustling around the sweltering, crowded soup kitchen, maneuvering around your fellow volunteers, taking up practically every inch of space on the floor. Someone jostles your elbow, almost causing you to spill the giant pot of soup you're carrying around. Despite the...

Column: Feeding you the truth about Thanksgiving

(Illustration by Abby Katz | Staff Illustrator)

By Jaime Viens / Contributing Editor

November 20, 2017

Each year we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November — we eat turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes to commemorate the 1621 feast at which Pilgrims and Wampanoags peacefully gathered in Plymouth, Massachusetts. And every year since, Americans have put aside their own family...

Talking politics at Thanksgiving shouldn’t be taboo

(Illustration by Raka Sarkar | Senior Staff Illustrator)

By Anne Marie Yurik | For The Pitt News

November 20, 2017

What do you do when someone close to you says something about a topic in the news you find simply reprehensible? Oftentimes, the instinct is to shut up and pretend it didn’t happen — something that’s especially true over the holidays. If your Thanksgiving expectations are similar to mine, y...

Christmas: the most wonderful two months of the year

(Illustration by Garrett Aguilar | Staff Illustrator)

By Alexis Buncich | For The Pitt News

November 15, 2017

Based on my friends’ Snapchats, the last moments before the Christmas season ended the night of Halloween. Everyone was still getting into their Halloween candy when suddenly, the clock struck midnight — and each Snapchat story was filled with carols as my friends traded jack-o’-lanterns for S...

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