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Lingering Laughter: Pitt’s LGBTQ+ community takes on the comedy scene

For the last episode of Pitt Tonight  for the 2017-18  school year, host Andrew Dow invited best friend Dominic Hendrickson on Pitt Tonight to be his guest. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Dow, taken by Valkyrie Speaker)

By Sarah Connor, Culture Editor

May 30, 2018

When Andrew Dow isn’t making crowds of people laugh as the host of Pitt Tonight or performing onstage with the improv group Ruckus, he can be found spending his summer in his hometown of Abington, just 15 miles outside of Philadelphia. As he cozied up to his dog on a mid-May evening, he and his mot...

Guide to 2018 Student Government Board election

Saket Rajprohat and Maggie Kennedy are the two presidential candidates. (Photo by Thomas Yang | Visual Editor)

By The Pitt News Staff

February 19, 2018

Each Pitt student can vote Tuesday for one president and three board members to fill the nine elected positions on the 2018-2019 Student Government Board. Last year’s election saw double the voter turnout of the previous year with about 30 percent of the student body voting. SGB is responsible for allocating the $2.6 million Student Allocations...

Speaker gives lively talk on death

Anne Allison, professor of cultural anthropology at Duke University, discusses her research on the sociality of death in Japan at Friday’s “Matter of Death” event. (Photo by Noah Manalo | Staff Writer)

By Noah Manalo | Staff Writer

February 19, 2018

Anne Allison writes extensively on topics related to modern Japanese culture, ranging from sexuality to censorship. Her most recent publication on the precariousness of Japanese society has led her to explore a more morbid topic. “I will try to make this lively, even though we’re talking about death,...

Real Food Challenge seeks to find better food for campus

Paragon Director of Sales Anthony Tomasic holds a peeled butternut squash during a tour of the Warrandale facility Friday. (Photo by Janine Faust | Contributing Editor)

By Janine Faust | Assistant News Editor

February 12, 2018

Grilled chicken is a popular dish at the Flying Star Diner in Market Central. Lines for it can stretch up to 20 people, and more often than not a freshly served batch runs out minutes after it’s taken off the grill. And while students may be preoccupied with getting a piece or two before the chi...

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