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ROTC uses grant for virtual reality

Virtual reality can be used to visualize mathematical and physical models that would otherwise be difficult to view in a classroom setting.

By Griffin Lynch, For The Pitt News

January 25, 2019

The fairly new technology uses small, high-definition screens and lenses embedded in a headset that looks a bit like high-tech scuba goggles to create a 360-degree interactive experience.

Going Virtual

Shawn Jackson, a senior computer science major, works as a student employee at the Teaching Center. For his first VR experience, he used Star Chart, a constellation simulation. Elaina Zachos | Visual Editor

By Brady Langmann | Culture Editor

December 8, 2016

Michael Arenth reached for his goggles, strapped them to his head with a rubber band and embarked on a trip 6,000 miles away. He sat in the back of a bumpy brown canoe and watched the bony arms of a 9-year-old refugee paddle across a swamp, enveloped by the emerald-colored fields of South Sudan. With...

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