Letter to the Editor

You’re moved into your dorm or apartment, and you just about have your class schedule nailed down, but there’s one thing you haven’t done yet: registered to vote near campus.

Millennials are now the largest voting bloc. Think about that for a second. If we vote in the same proportions as older generations, we will be the dominant voice in local, state and national politics. We can reshape the conversation around all of the issues that are most important to us — affordable education, economic justice, protecting the environment, social equality — and we can do it this year.

We can’t afford to stay home this November. A Donald Trump presidency would do irreparable damage to our economy, our environment and our social structure. He would damage our future.

And don’t tell me you’re going home to vote. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8. You are going to be busy with homework and finals and, if you have any free time, you’ll be hanging out or watching Netflix. You aren’t going to make the trip home to vote. Register to vote where you go to school and you can make a pit stop between classes, or, better yet, gather up some friends and make it a group outing.

It’s easy too! Pennsylvanians can finally register online, and it only takes about five minutes. There’s really no excuse.

So just do it. Register to vote near campus right now. Our future depends on it.

Shawn Schreffler

Fellow at NextGen Climate

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