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Problems at polls, County says not to worry

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With reports of voter issues this morning throughout parts of Allegheny County, Director of Communications for the county Amie Downs assured voters there are no “red flags” so far.

Downs said, in a mass email at 10 a.m. Tuesday, that there had been several issues brought to the county’s attention today, including non-working machines and a shortage of volunteers, but that these issues were not out of the ordinary.

“The issues that we’re hearing are ones that we see each Election Day and are being addressed as they are brought to the attention of Elections. There has not been anything that has raised any red flags to us at this point,” Downs said in an email.

The email reported issues throughout the county. In Robinson, voters reported that the machine did not reflect their votes. The Judge of Elections tested the machines and said they are accurately recording the votes.

In Pittsburgh, voters have reported that construction work blocked access to their polling location and that at certain locations, not all election workers showed up. Construction projects were shut down to restore access and poll workers were redistributed where necessary.

Downs said that reports of non-working machines at several sites are being addressed and machines are being put back in operation.

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Problems at polls, County says not to worry