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Pitt first-year Maura Hillsey voted at the William Pitt Union today. | John Hamilton / Senior Staff Photographer

First-year nursing student Maura Hillsey voted for the American Solidarity Party presidential candidate Michael Maturen and vice presidential candidate Juan Muñoz Down the ballot, she voted Republican.

“I felt like both [Clinton and Trump] were very extreme and I didn’t necessarily agree with all of the policies of each person. I just wanted to be able to vote for what I believed in,” Hillsey said. “[The American Solidarity Party candidates] have a lot of the same values and morals I think that I hold to be true. It was kind of like a combination I thought between the two parties.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post stated Hilsey voted for the Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle. She voted for American Solidarity Party candidate Michael Maturen. The post has been updated to reflect these changes.

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