Pitt finds no evidence of hazing after Sigma Chi incident


Greek life leaders attend a meeting to discuss the social probation status on Jan 20. (Photo by John Hamilton/Managing Editor)

By John Hamilton / Managing Editor

Pitt police found no evidence of hazing and do not plan on filing charges after a student was hospitalized for voluntarily drinking “to excess” at a Sigma Chi event, according to a statement released Thursday.

The Jan. 18 incident resulted in Pitt suspending Sigma Chi and placing all other Greek organizations under modified social probation, banning them from serving alcohol at events. In an email Thursday, Pitt spokesperson Joe Miksch said the underage student was “assisted and transported to the hospital by concerned classmates.” The student has now recovered.

“Absent new information, Pitt Police do not intend to pursue charges against any individual or organization involved,” Miksch said, adding that incident is being reviewed “through the lens of the Student Code of Conduct.”

Pittsburgh police spokesperson Alicia George said an investigation is ongoing, with charges and citations pending.

All Greek organizations will remain under social probation until “meaningful progress” is made on a plan that reaffirms that Greek life is a safe experience for students, Miksch said. Student leaders from the Greek community will meet with Vice Provost and Dean of Students Kenyon Bonner later this week to discuss the plan.

Bonner wrote a letter sent to the Pitt community Thursday afternoon. It updated students on the investigation and discussed plans to create a “safer campus community.”

“While this incident is associated with one of our fraternities, alcohol emergencies can involve anyone in our community. I am thankful for the students who intervened to seek medical attention for their classmate in need,” Bonner wrote. “I also believe that this incident serves as an important call to action: Together, let’s recommit to practicing vigilance and demonstrating care and compassion for all. After all, the strength of our community lies in our commitment to one another.”

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