GALLERY: Monica Henderson finishes 4000-mile race from California to New York


Henderson (center) laughs while posing for a photo with other runners.

By Anna Bongardino, Visual Editor

Team New York runs across the Brooklyn Bridge on Aug. 4.
Two supporters hold a banner marking the finish line on Brooklyn’s Pier 2 in anticipation of the team’s arrival.
Team New York celebrates as they cross the finish line on Brooklyn’s Pier 2.
Team New York embraces after crossing the finish line together.
Monica Henderson (left) hugs her teammate, Daniela Hernandez, 19, from Winston-Salem, NC after finishing the race.
Monica Henderson hugs her father, Stephen, as her family stands beside her.
Henderson holds a sign detailing the more than 4000-mile path the 19-year-old ran this summer.
Monica Henderson poses for a photo with her parents, twin sister and younger brother after finishing the race.
Monica Henderson hugs Cheyenne Greenside, from Seattle, WA after each of them delivered a short speech about the other. Greenside and Henderson were running partners on the first day of the race.
Henderson and another runner examined the medal each participant received upon finishing their run from San Francisco to Brooklyn.
Team New York poses for a selfie with Manhattan’s skyline in the background.
Pitt sophomore Monica Henderson bites down on the medal she received after finishing her 4000-mile race across the country.