The Artist Autumn

By Emily Pinigis, For The Pitt News

Auburn hair and auburn leaves

The fragrance of peace surrounds her

Spread across the land by her radiant smile

And all is calm in the world


Umber dress and umber earth

Disguise her mortiferous motive

Her personality is adored, her work admired

Yet her delicate fingers leave death in their wake


Emerald shoes and emerald grass

Her gentle footsteps crush fallen leaves

And barren trees shiver in the breeze

As her warm presence is stolen away too soon


Sapphire eyes and sapphire sky

Set the backdrop for Lady Autumn

Painting the scenery with her soft brush

Her palette turns nature into a masterpiece


Golden jewels and golden sun

Too early are stripped of their shine

And a bitter wind blows Autumn away

Before frost erases her magnificent artistry