Poem: Ode to my Juul

By Shahum Ajmal, Contributing Editor

There you are tall and

Metallic, with your plastic replaceable tip.

Your juice ignites me.

It’s strange the influence you have over me.

From your Mango to Fruit Medley

You release me into ease.

You’re not understood.

Maybe you are my getaway,

And I see you as irreplaceable.

USB they call you,

To which I am left speechless.

Yet, I persist to puff you.

I’m afraid our time has come,

Your essence has become oppressive.

And I think it’s best if we part ways.

Leave my hands. And move

Onto the next unknown, yet

foolish character.

You light up in green, yellow, red

And then dead —

This is an ode to my Juul.