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Witches walk among us — seriously. Pittchcraft is a bi-weekly blog written by staff writer Emily Pinigis about her life as a college student and practicing Witch.

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The holiday season has already started, which means that magic is in the air. This time of year is often associated with happy emotions and a warm, cozy feeling inside. But what’s the difference between the magical feeling most of us associate with holidays and the Magick that Witches practice everyday? In short — nothing!

That same warm, fuzzy feeling of wonderment that most people experience around the holidays is the same feeling from which Witches harness their power. It is a deep sensation that you can feel in your very core. Some people experience this more than others, but even if the feeling of Magick within you doesn’t come naturally, it is not impossible to learn.

Witches often come from a long family line of the Magickally inclined, but every lineage had to start somewhere. There is Magick inside everyone whether or not they use it for Witchcraft. It is all a matter of how one harnesses their Magick.

Harnessing your Magick involves much time spent exploring your inner self. Whether or not you believe in religion or spirituality, it is undeniable that every one of us has a soul or spirit or whatever you prefer to call it that makes us distinct people. It is the core of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. This is also where Magick comes from.

Every emotion that you feel stems from this deep-seated Magick, or inner self. Disney World claims to be the most magical place on Earth, but what makes a day there truly magical is that happy feeling that rumbles up from deep within you when you lay eyes on the fantastical park. These powerful emotions happen inside of us every single day, but they usually come with less intensity. So don’t ignore the feelings bubbling inside you — they’re trying to tell you something. 

When people tell you to listen to your gut, they mean to listen to the Magick within you because it knows more than you do. When you hear those cheesy phrases like “you can do anything you put your mind to,” they’re really telling you to use a little extra Magick — alongside hard work — to get things done. 

For many people — and especially those who are not Witches — it can be difficult to identify that voice inside you. In order to get in touch with your Magick, self-exploration is of vital importance.

A great way to get in touch with your inner self is to spend time doing things that truly make you happy. For me, taking time to tend to my houseplants and cook myself something good to eat is a great way to just focus on what I’m doing. 

As students, it can be virtually impossible to tune out all the noise of the outside world to focus on yourself. The stresses of life, school and work often make it seem like there is no time in the world to dedicate to yourself. But, in reality, that is almost never the case. Additionally, focusing all of your energy on those things constantly is highly detrimental to your own mental, physical and spiritual health. 

Taking even five minutes out of your day to do something you enjoy can ease these stresses and, in turn, allow you to get to know yourself and your Magick a little more. If you enjoy painting, for example, treat yourself to some of those cute little palm-sized canvases and some paints and sit down for a few minutes after dinner to make a quick painting. Spending time like this with yourself allows you to get to know yourself and what you like. If you feel drawn to painting nature and it gives you that warm, Magickal feeling, then you may eventually research Green Witchcraft. 

Even if these practices don’t lead to a self-discovery of Magick, and you don’t want to be a Witch, at the very least they will serve to eliminate some stress. Magick is an ever-present source of power. When you strengthen your ability to study and care for yourself, it shows up in many other aspects of your life.

A bit of relaxation will reset your brain and allow you to focus better. It can ease the physical stress on your body and reduce tendencies for headaches and upset stomachs. So, it is more important to listen to those little feelings inside of you than you may have thought.

The Oakland area has many places to go to hone your skills and discover your interests. For example, if you’re like me and you love nature, spend some time among the plants at Phipps Conservatory. If you want a space to let all of your creative juices flow, stop by the Center for Creativity in the bookstore’s basement. Perhaps exercise makes you happy, in which case there are plenty of gyms, yoga studios and even a swimming pool on campus that you can access. Or if you’re just looking to relax, the Stress Free Zone is a great student resource.