Market Central cited for 5 low-risk health code violations


Wenhao Wu | Staff Photographer

Market Central was cited by the Allegheny County Health Department for five health code violations Thursday.

By Jon Moss, Assistant News Editor

The Allegheny County Health Department cited Market Central for five health code violations Thursday.

The facility received one low-risk violation each for keeping food above proper holding temperatures, cleaning and sanitation, floors, lighting and general premises.

The County Health Department last inspected Market in April, citing the facility for a total of nine health code violations — two high-risk, two medium-risk and five low-risk. Market received 21 violations last October, including condensate dripping onto raw burger patties and an employee handling clean dishes after wiping their nose with the back of their bare hand, as observed by an inspector.

Pitt spokesperson Kevin Zwick said the improvements seen in the last year are as a result of changes made by the University and its dining contractor, Sodexo, such as hiring a food safety coordinator.

“The improvements we’ve seen throughout the last year reflect the importance we place on food safety, the work of our Pitt Dining team and the improvements made by our food service provider, Sodexo,” Zwick said. “We’ve taken immediate corrective actions for the low-risk items identified in today’s inspection and continue our work to ensure the University’s dining facilities consistently meet and exceed industry standards.”