Bigelow construction to resume Friday


Kaycee Orwig | Visual Editor

Pit will resume construction resume construction Friday on the Bigelow Boulevard project, following a gubernatorial order issued last week.

By Benjamin Nigrosh, News Editor

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Pitt will resume construction Friday on the Bigelow Boulevard project, as well as at 13 other sites, University officials said.

University spokesperson Kevin Zwick said while work is slated to begin again on Bigelow, with a new expected completion date of sometime this fall in place of August, many other projects will remain on hold.

“We are only advancing projects that are essential or necessary to maintain the safety of our campus communities,” Zwick said.

The decision comes after Gov. Tom Wolf’s order issued last week permitting all construction projects to resume work Friday. The governor’s announcement included guidance on workplace conduct to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including the designation of a pandemic safety officer and hand-washing areas on site.

Zwick said most of the University’s 100 paused construction projects will remain on hold with no plans to resume in the coming weeks. He did not directly respond to questions Thursday evening to provide a list of projects that will resume Friday.

“Our plans will continue to evolve in the face of this pandemic,” Zwick said. “Since this is not a static situation, there is no benefit in developing a static plan at this time.”

Zwick added that every University construction site has developed their own “comprehensive” health and safety plans that “meet or exceed” CDC guidelines, including the donning of personal protective equipment and practicing social distancing.

The renovations scheduled to resume on or after May 1 are:

The infrastructure upgrades scheduled to resume on or after May 1 area:

  • Bigelow Boulevard and William Pitt Union grounds, utility infrastructure upgrade
  • Victoria Hall, mechanical and electrical upgrades for labs
  • McCormack Hall, chimney repair
  • Center for Bioengineering, chiller replacement
  • Biomedical Science Tower, chilled water plant replacement
  • McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, HVAC upgrades
  • Scaife Hall, elevators

Work will also resume at the University’s Community Engagement Center in Homewood, and on the chilled water intertie project between Scaife Hall and the Biomedical Science Tower.

Construction resumed in early April at a Shadyside healthcare facility after Pitt received a waiver from the state government.